Make Music with Reason 6

Over the next 12 videos our beginners guide to making music takes you step by step through Propellerheads groundbreaking software Reason 6.

Designed for beginners, this course is the perfect for those of you who want to get stuck into making dance music in Reason 6.

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Over the next 12 videos our beginners guide to making music takes you step by step through Propellerheads groundbreaking software Reason 6.

From a guide round the interface to setting up your session for creating sound through to making drum beats, basslines and pads using Reason's powerful on board devices, synths and samplers including the Kong Drum Machine, Thor Synth, NN-19 Sampler and Dr. Rex Loop Player. We also look at what's new in Reason 6 including the massive new Echo and Alligator FX plus how to import and edit audio!

This course is the perfect one for those who want to get started making music today, using Reason 6.

Videos Overview

Tutorial 1 - Session Set Up

In this first video we take a look at setting up your session and getting ready to make music. We explain the difference between the Mixer, Rack and Arrange windows and take a look at some set up preferences and templates.

Topics Covered - Workflow,

Software - Reason,

Tutorial 2 - Kong Drum Beat

We get started with the Kong Drum machine and make some big beats. We look at the patch browser window, how to preview patches and select samples. We also look at the basic editing functions in Kong such as volume control and panning. Next up we look at creating clips for basic Midi sequencing and how to program a simple house beat.

Topics Covered - Drum Programing,

Software - Reason,

Tutorial 3 - Dr. Rex Percussion

We create two house percussion lines using the Dr. Rex loop player. How to select and preview loops, run loops in sync with your track and how to sequence the pattern into your timeline.

Topics Covered - Loop Editing,

Software - Reason,

Tutorial 4 - Thor Bassline

We look at the Thor synth to create a bassline for our track. We have a look at some sequence and run presets and explain the difference using playback modes to create straight, reversed and random basslines.

Topics Covered - Bass Programing,

Software - Reason,

Tutorial 5 - Pads

We use a combinator patch to create some deep pads for our track. Also a look at how to use on screen piano keys and your computer keyboard to record. We finish up with some quantizing of our chords!

Topics Covered - Chords, Pads Programming, Quantize,

Software - Reason,

Tutorial 6 - FX

A beginners look at some of Reasons powerful on board FX. From basic delays and phasers to the brand new Alligator and Echo FX. We also create a simple vocal sample using the NN-19 sampler.

Topics Covered - Delay, Phaser,

Software - Reason,

Tutorial 7 - Send & Return FX

Next up we look at the difference between conventional FX and Send & Return FX. We show you how the Send and Return sections on the new Reason 6 mixer works and set up some reverb and delays for our sounds.

Topics Covered - Send & Return FX,

Software - Reason,

Tutorial 8 - Basic Arangement Tools

How to chop, resize, move, edit, copy and paste your clips into a complete track.

Topics Covered - Arranging,

Software - Reason,

Tutorial 9 - Audio Editing

One of the big additions to Reason 6 is it's ability to fully track and edit audio. In this video we look at rendering our bassline and chopping it up into some new edits.

Topics Covered - Audio Editing,

Software - Reason,

Tutorial 10 - Automation

We take a close look at how to use Reasons automation lanes to program parameters in filters, echo FX and our mixer channels.

Topics Covered - Automation,

Software - Reason,

Tutorial 11 - Basic Mixing & Mastering

We look at some basic tools to mix your track using volume controls, panning and EQ. We also take an introductory look at the Mastering section in Reasons FX banks.

Topics Covered - Mixing,

Software - Reason,

Tutorial 12 - Exporting

We show you how to get your tune out of Reason and ready to burn or upload online.

Topics Covered -

Software - Reason,

02hr 11m
Graham Ginty

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