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As a DJ and producer for over 20 years, [email protected] (real name Joshua Hodge) has toured in over 25 countries worldwide across 5 continents, with a career spanning across genres- from rocking hip-hop and open format parties across the world, to winning national DJ competitions (Kiss FM/Galaxy FM “Are You The CK-One”) and participating in others (US DMC Finalist). As a music producer, [email protected] has concentrated his efforts mainly in electronic music, producing on labels such as Ministry of Sound and Toolroom, and later in Nu-disco/G-house under the name “Adam Baum,” signing tracks to labels like Bunny Tiger and LouLou.
Josh also creates his own vst plugins and teaches others how to do the same with his YouTube Channel “The Audio Programmer,” which has grown into one of the largest audio development communities on the web.

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