Jap pop The Japanese Popstars

After flirting with major label success via an album deal with Virgin/EMI Records and getting to work with their heroes including The Cure’s Robert Smith, The Japanese Popstars have returned to the underground and the sound that first brought them so much attention. Now a duo, aka Gary Curran and Gareth Donoghue, they’re once again making the music they love. At the core of The Japanese Popstars is the contrast between the dark and the light, and while ‘Disconnect/Reconnect’ is brimming with tough, punchy techno, it features the occasional moment of blissful electronica that punctuated earlier albums such as ‘We Just Are’. Ultimately built for dark rooms and nocturnal festival shows, ‘Disconnect/Reconnect’ is a back to basics release that finds The Japanese Popstars’ gaze fixed firmly on the future.

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