Sami Sami - Aiyn Zahev

Aiyn Zahev began programming synthesizers over a decade ago. In 2012 he launched his first commercial sound banks under the name Aiyn Zahev. He started with the release of Serenity for Ultra Analog and an uplifting trance set. Despite the fact that Ultra Analog was not well known as a "trance synth" the set was very well received by professionals and enthusiasts alike, who enjoyed it's variety and versatility. So, encouraged by this he went on to produce banks for other more widely known synths, including Largo, DIVA, DUNE and Sylenth1.

Not long after this he began working with developers such as Tone2 and Xils-Lab and KV331 and in August 2012, was fortunate to be able to join Resonance-sound, a well known and respected sound design company.

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