Kick 2 v1.02 update

KICK 2 Update Out Now

KICK 2 has been updated to V1.02 and with it comes a host of new fixes and changes

Available to download for free from your account page (if you have already purchased KICK 2)
You can buy it here for £49.95 - or £24.95 if you already own KICK 1

  • Improved Bezier Curve Accuracy
    Firstly and most importantly we have improved the accuracy of the Bezier curves.
    What this means is that the curves will now be much higher precision and will have less artifacts audible - The factory presets have all been updated to work with the new algorithm so there shouldn't be any change here.
    If you have a saved project that you have been working on and you find that the new version of KICK 2 sounds a little different when you reopen your project - you can simply flip the switch in the settings panel to revert the algorithm back to the original legacy version. Going forward we recommend that you use the new improved bezier curves which are enabled by default.

  • KICK 2 Upgrade version now includes Kick 1 Nicky Romero presets
    If you have come from Kick 1 you may have been missing your Nicky Romero presets on upgrade - we've converted these and they are now available from the DLC folder (Only on the KICK 2 Upgrade version)

  • KICK 1 Preset Pack Vol 1 and 2 now KICK 2 compatible
    Preset Pack Vol 1 and 2 (Big Kicks and the Ost & Meyer Pack) are now fully compatible with KICK 2. If you have already purchased these packs - simply re-download them and you will find a KICK 2 installer.

Otherwise - you can purchase them here
Vol 1 - Big Kicks
Vol 2 - Ost & Meyer

Other fixes & changes

  • fixed: Clicking when using bezier curves in the AMP Envelope (see above note on improved curve accuracy)
  • fixed: missing presets list refresh when switching category
  • fixed: wrong octave index in render key display
  • fixed: inconsistent curve shape when zooming

  • fixed: normalised clicks not filling the waveform display

  • fixed: GUI movement on switching to DLC folders
  • fixed: Changing the limiter lookahead sometimes was not working

  • change: Render key input now accepts the note name / not the MIDI note number

  • change: Gate now uses an exponential curve to minimise digital clicks
  • change: Meters now have a smoother response


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Posted May 20, 2016 16:55

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