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80s Disco Funk Sample Pack


80s Funk and Disco gone 2018! Welcome to a MONSTER pack of funk! This pack is filled to the brim with inspiration and skill to take your funky productions to the next level. If Prince and Daft Punk could have collaborated on a sample pack, this would be it.

Inspired by artists like Prince, Daft Punk, Toro Y Moi, Egyptian Lover, Chromeo, Newcleus, Kool and the Gang, etc

So come get a taste of that 80s Disco Funk and grab this pack today!

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  • 80s Disco Funk


    Inside you find entire kits of songs, tempo and key labelled so you can literally just drop into your DAW of choice and get inspired or tweak and mold into your own sound or style. Aside from the full stemmed out song kits, there is Bass, Brass, Guitar, Synth and Vocal loops; all funkin’ like its 1985!

    What else makes the 80s funkin’ funky? Chords! Lots and lots of them! So in the pack we put in some killer variations of chords as one shots. Load into your sampler of choice and play away! After you are ready for some vocal drops, we got you covered. Go ahead and add in the ad libs or vocal line one shots, or grab some of the Funky Vocoder one shots, and truly take your song into outer space on a Disco ship!!


    07 x Full Song Kits
    16 x Bass Loops
    02 x Brass Loops
    39 x Guitar Loops
    103 x Synth Loops
    02 x Full Vocal Loops
    198 x Chord Stabs
    24 x Vocal One Shots
    18 x Vocoder One Shots

    80s Disco Funk



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