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Afro House & Techno Sample Pack


Looking to capture that Afro House groove which has its own unique pulse?

Do you want a combination of tech-tingled house bass lines ripened in the primordial roots of Techno?

Providing you with an infrastructure that covers all areas of music production from MIDI to Audio all the way to Prod-Cast video tutorials.

This is Afro House & Techno.

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  • Afro House & Techno


    The emerging sound of tribal beats laced with techno synths and psychedelic vibes is on the rise.

    Afro House & Techno is an essential production toolkit for producers of all abilities and acts as a foundation for professional learning, to help you find your own unique sound.

    We also provide you with 5 incredible sounding songstarter construction kits, as well as the corresponding MIDI for all kits, bass loops and synth loops.

    This is the perfect was for you to throw together ideas, quickly.

    We are Sample Tools by Cr2 and this is Afro House & Techno.

    • Total File Size: 461.1MB
    • Total Audio Files: 319
    • Total MIDI Files: 52


    15 x Bass Hits (Key Labeled)
    15 x Bass Loops (Key + BPM Labeled)
    20 x Claps
    20 x Hats
    20 x Kicks
    20 x Percs
    05 x Snares
    87 x Drum Loops
    15 x FX
    35 x MIDI (Corresponding Bass and Synth Loops)
    05 x Songstarters (71 Audio Files + 17 MIDI Files)
    25 x Synth Hits (Key Labeled)
    20 x Synth Loops (Key + BPM Labeled)
    03 x Prod-Cast Video Tutorials
    01 x Mike Monday Studio Productivity Video
    01 x Budi Voogt Art of Pitching Video

    Afro House & Techno



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