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Afrobeat Elements by Basement Freaks Sample Pack


Basement Freaks return with AfroBeat Elements! This pack is so versatile, you’ll be able to drop it into any tune or DAW and get moving on that latest hit track, no matter the genre! Percussion and Drums are the name of the game, but Basement Freaks didn’t stop there!; Also included is Music loops, FX and Fills. This pack is filled to the brim with sounds from the Afrobeats craze hitting the world right now, blending elements of Dancehall / Reggaeton, and can take your new Afrobeat next level in seconds!

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  • AfroBeat Elements by Basement Freaks


    Pulling from the original sound of Lagos and influenced by Fela Kuti, Antibalas Afro-beat Orchestra, Tony Allen, Ade Bantu Crew or going even further and pulling from the eras of Funk, Disco and Afro or Latin styles, this pack is essential for the prolific producer desiring that special touch, with a focus on some Afrobeat blaze!


    • 05 x Block Loops
    • 07 x Bongo Loops
    • 11 x Cajon Loops
    • 09 x Combo Percussion Loops
    • 28 x Conga Loops
    • 06 x Full Drum Loops
    • 22 x Fills and FX
    • 71 x Music Loops
    • 53 x Shaker Loops
    • 07 x Tambourine Loops

    AfroBeat Elements by Basement Freaks



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