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ANA 2.5 Software Synthesizer

Powerful 6 voice soft synth with immaculate sound

Explore our full suite of sonic tools, featuring a Chord Memory Device, a 64-step Polyphonic Arpeggiator, and Analog-Modelled filters. It includes 26 FX Units, three Multisamplers with velocity control, and three Wavetable Oscillators with Analog Pitch Drift.

Discover 500 presets, each with four assignable macros for controlling multiple parameters at the same time.

A Cult Hero Reborn

The successor to an underground icon, ANA 2 software synthesizer is already a firm favourite of sound designers and producers worldwide.

Uncover an array of inventive tools within a flexible, retina-ready interface, and tweak over 500 presets using four intelligently linked macro controls.. Master a true behemoth of synthesis with 5 Hours of free tutorials from artists and experts that showcase the countless sonic possibilities of the ANA 2 virtual software synthesizer.

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"A power synth in every sense, ANA 2 is the next big thing in electronic music"

Computer Music Magazine

Hear The Difference

From surging saw-based subtractive synthesizer stabs to complex wavetable synthesis, ANA 2 is capable of producing a huge array of sounds. Take a listen to some of those sounds below

Explore the ANA 2.5 Software Synthesizer

Begin your journey with 5 hours of free tutorials from ANA 2's sound design team that illustrate the huge potential of the VST synth

Then check out videos from artists such as Craymak, Matt Lange, Craig Connelly, Jaytech, Bjorn Akesson, Jerome Isma-Ae, and many more that show ANA 2 at the heart of contemporary floor fillers.

Learn how to use ANA 2

Expand with Presets

ANA 2.5 is equipped with an extensive collection of more than 500 built-in presets, covering a diverse array of genres such as Acid, Drum & Bass, House, Progressive House, Pop, Psy Trance, Synthwave, Tech House, Techno, Trance, among others

We also have a multitude of genre-specific preset packs that can be added to ANA 2, including Progressive House, Future Bass, Future House, Leftfield Techno, Bass House, Soundtrack, Progressive Trance, Lo-Fi, and Future Rave, among others!

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Latest Expansion Pack

ANA 2 Presets Vol 18 - Drum and Bass

Get ready to unleash your creativity with ANA 2 Presets Volume 18 - Drum and Bass!
This electrifying preset pack is packed with over 100 killer presets, designed to elevate your music production to the next level. Dive into a world of dirty basses that shake the ground, punchy leads that cut through the mix, and mind-blowing pads that add depth and atmosphere.
Whether you're crafting hard-hitting beats or liquid DnB grooves, these presets are your ultimate toolkit for creating standout Drum and Bass tracks.
Elevate your sound and make waves in the scene with this essential collection.

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What are the benefits of using our ANA 2.5 Virtual Software Synthesizer?

ANA 2.5 isn't just another VST synth; it's the virtual software synthesizer that packs a punch. With this soft synth, you get all the cool sounds of a classic virtual analog synth without the hassle of old-school gear. It’s easy to use, whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned pro. As a synth program, it’s crammed with killer presets to get you going and officially has a rep for being one of the best synth VSTs out there being used by many HUGE artists and producers. Want to lay down some tracks without breaking the bank or your brain? ANA 2.5 is your ticket to that big studio sound.

ANA 2.5 Virtual Synth Features

The ANA 2.5 virtual synth VST is a feature-rich software synthesizer that stands out for its versatility. It boasts a wide array of tools and functions that cater to any producer’s needs:

Subtractive Software Synthesizer
Delivers classic synth sounds with a modern twist, allowing for a rich palette of tones from the past and present.

Integrated Synth Plugin
Expands the limitations of your current DAW.

Comprehensive Library
Comes with an extensive collection of presets and wavetables, making it a powerhouse for any genre.

User-Friendly Interface
Designed with a straightforward layout, making it accessible for beginners while offering advanced features for seasoned users.

Flexible Modulation
Features a robust modulation system for crafting dynamic sounds and textures.

High-Quality Filters
Includes a variety of filter types for shaping your sound to perfection.

This software synthesizer provides an all-in-one platform for creating, experimenting, and producing music with top-tier audio quality and ease of use.

Who is the ANA 2.5 Soft Synth suitable for?

ANA 2.5 is a soft synth that's versatile enough for a wide range of users. It's an ideal software synthesizer for:

Beginners - With its user-friendly interface, and Chord Memory Device, it's easy for those new to synthesis to get started making great sounds right away.

Professional Producers - The depth and quality of this virtual synthesizer software make it an essential purchase.

Sound Designers - The combination of wavetable synthesis, multisampling and its subtractive synthesizer engine, all coupled with the powerful mod matrix makes for a nearly limitless soundscape to be achieved.

Live Performers - As a stable and CPU-friendly virtual synth VST, it's reliable for live performance setups.

Music Educators - It serves as an excellent software synthesizer for teaching the fundamentals of synthesis and getting to grips with synth plugins.

In essence, ANA 2.5 is built to be inclusive, catering to anyone interested in world-class features at an affordable price.

What is the ANA 2.5 Virtual Analog Synthesizer used for?

Think of ANA 2.5 as the software synthesizer that brings back the warm, rich sounds of the past with a modern twist. It's for laying down tracks that have the kind of depth and presence you'd expect from vintage gear. Simple enough for beginners but deep enough for seasoned pros, this soft synth is all about getting that analog vibe straight from your computer. Whether you're producing tracks, playing live, or just experimenting, ANA 2.5 is your digital ticket to an analog sound.

How does the ANA 2.5 Soft Synth help with music production?

The ANA 2.5 software synthesizer comes with our amazing Chord Memory Device which allows you to create instant chords and recall chord progressions all from the press of a single key. Combine this with our arpeggiator and our huge preset bank and you are well on your way to getting instant inspiration for your next track!

How does a Virtual Synthesizer work?

A virtual synthesizer like ANA 2.5 is a type of software synthesizer that acts like an instrument inside your computer. You play it through a MIDI controller, like a keyboard, and it generates sound just like a physical synth would. It's a piece of software that uses your computer's processing power to create music.

Different synth plugins achieve different goals - a kick drum software synthesizer creates kick drums for example. Imagine virtual instruments as a digital lego set for music, where you can snap together different blocks (synth plugins) into your DAW to build your own unique sound.

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