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ARTFX - Kickdrum Collection Vol 1 Sample Pack


This pack is filled with big and hard hitting kick samples that will help you to create a solid backbone to your tracks.

Carefully crafted to contain solid low frequencies and retain the punch of the drums, these samples will benefit any electronic music producer who seeks to make a powerful drum beat.

All the kicks in this pack have been recorded on a 44.1Khz sample rate and 24-bit bit-depth to maintain their quality. The samples are individually processed with a hardware compressor and tube preamp to give them a warmer and more powerful sound.

Please note: this a kick pack only and all the other sounds used in the audio demo are for demonstration purposes only.

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  • ARTFX - Kickdrum Collection Vol 1


    Inspired by the drum sounds of artists like Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Skrillex and many other names from the bass music scene, these kicks are punchy and powerful enough to go side-by-side with heavy electronic sounds without losing any detail or being overpowered.


    200 x kick drums
    100 x electronic kicks
    75 x processed acoustic kicks
    20 x synthesized kicks
    5 x reverb kicks

    ARTFX - Kickdrum Collection Vol 1



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