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ARTFX Neurofunk Drums Sample Pack


Black Octopus welcomes ARTFX to the roster with his dynamite release Neurofunk Drums. This pack is a monster in both size and quality, featuring 1500 expertly produced, crisp & heavy hitting drums, loops, and fx. This pack will appeal to users of all skill sets, from beginner to advanced, all will appreciate the thought that has gone into making this pack an excellent addition to any producer's toolbox. Layer the live recorded sounds in with the drum hits and create living organic grooves. Chop and slice the drums to your heart's content and create complex technical beats that will impress any listener.

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  • ARTFX Neurofunk Drums


    Although the drums primary design is for drum and bass and Neurofunk, these drums will actually fit in with virtually any style of electronic music. Create banging electro house beats, or even chilled out organic hip hop grooves, the possibilities are endless. Level up your kit with a copy of Neurofunk Drums today!

    Please note this is a drums & fx pack only. The music elements are for demonstration purposes only.


    150 x Kicks
    150 x Snares
    230 x Live recordings & Foley
    50 x Breaks style loops
    50 x Cymbals & Hihats loops
    130 x Percussion Loops
    20 x Fills
    40 x Crash
    50 x Ghost Kicks
    50 x Ghost Snares
    150 x Hihats
    185 x Percussion
    70 x Rides
    140 x Toms
    30 x Big Impacts

    ARTFX Neurofunk Drums



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