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Breaks By AK & Andrew Appliepie Sample Pack


Breaks is a unique pack containing both processed and unprocessed breaks, and raw recorded material for advanced users to create their own vintage-inspired classic breakbeats. Live drum breaks have become a staple in modern music production and when used properly, they can bring a track to life. There is a certain air and organic quality that a live played drum loops can add when layered into a percussion section that just cannot be achieved with sequenced drums. Live breaks are an essential element to genres such as drum and bass, hip hop, pop, and downtempo and even other modern genres such as future bass and glitch hop can benefit from live played drums.

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  • Breaks by AK & Andrew Applepie


    Chop up these breaks in your DAW or load them into your favorite slicer to make custom arrangements to fit around your percussion. Breaks has been recorded on a Rogers Holiday kit from the late 60’s with a Neumann TLM 102, Rode M3, and Shure SM7B mics.

    Presented by AK & Andrew Applepie

    Please note this pack contains only drum breaks.


    102 Classic & Vintage Inspired Breaks
    76 Unprocessed breaks (Stereo, Mono, Dry, & Room Mic provided)
    76 Processed breaks

    PDF with tips for creating your own breaks

    Breaks by AK & Andrew Applepie



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