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Diablo House Elements Sample Pack


The Big EDM music production pack is here to bring you another Future House madness collection.

This Don Diablo inspired sound pack is a massive collection of drum samples, effect samples, construction kits which come with their own project files and even sound sets for Serum.

We have prepared 5 brand new professionally made construction kits to help you in generating and gathering better ideas for your next house track.

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  • Dibalo House Elements


    To provide you as much flexibility as we can, we even provided FL Studio project files to ensure that you’ll benefit from one of our best works.

    What you’ll get from this pack:

    • 141 Drum Samples

    Various type of drum samples to spice up your tracks

    • 4 FX Samples

    Create smooth transitions using these FX samples

    • 4 Construction Kits + 1 Drop Construction Kit (Each construction kit includes FLP!)

    Great for generating ideas and learning

    • 52 Serum Patches

    Upgrade your sound design skills by studying these patches.


    141 x Drum Samples
    4 x FX Samples
    4 x Construction Kits
    1 x Drop Construction Kit (Each construction kit includes FLP!)
    52 x Serum Patches

    Dibalo House Elements



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