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Doppler 2 - Melodic Techno & House Sample Pack


Doppler 2 - Melodic Techno & House is the dynamic follow-up of “Doppler”, with everything you need to create powerful, high-octane driving Melodic Techno and House. This 24-bit collection is essential to every house and techno producer out there!
Covering every element needed, this pack will be your go-to library in no time! Depth, warmth and motion are the heart of this pack. "Doppler 2 - Melodic Techno & House" explores the melodic side of techno and house in a very literal sense. Created with various hardware synths such as the Virus TI, Novation Bass Station, Nord Lead 2X and more, this pack is a true testament to the individuality of sound. Growing filters, transforming modulation... All synths, leads and riffs moving and in unison with the beat. Every element carefully crafted to suit its purpose.
Create the body of your track with evolving drum elements, foley sounds, relentless hats, claps and booming kicks.

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  • Doppler 2 - Melodic Techno & House


    Explore a multitude of musical chord progressions, swelling synths, glistening arpeggios, ethereal pads and dramatic FX. Add depth to your creations by integrating the vocal FX and create irresistible movement on the dancefloor with the rhythmic basslines that provide groove and drive, whilst detailed percussions give a steady sense of movement.
    Grab "Doppler 2 - Melodic Techno & House" NOW!


    • 25 x Bass Loops
    • 131 x Drum & Percussion Loops
    • 8 x Clap Loops
    • 38 x Full Drum Loops
    • 19 x Kick Loops
    • 9 x Open Hat Loops
    • 30 x Percussion Loops
    • 27 x Top Loops
    • 64 x Drum & Percussion One Shots
    • 11 x Claps
    • 13 x Hi Hats
    • 11 x Kicks
    • 9 x Open Hats
    • 20 x Percussion
    • 22 x FX
    • 36 x Synth Loops
    • 19 x Vocal Loops

    Doppler 2 - Melodic Techno & House



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