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Dubstep Secret Sounds Preset Pack


Black Octopus Sound & Soundmasters presents Dubstep Secret Sounds, a treasure chest full of Serum presets dedicated to the biggest, heaviest & most sought after sounds in Dubstep. It can take years of learning to master some of the advanced sound design techniques that high calibre dubstep producers use, and with Dubstep Secret Sounds you can kick start your way to these innovative sounds.

Do not miss out on the biggest and most advanced sounds in Dubstep today, and get ready to create some epic dancefloor moments that will blow people’s minds!

Inspired by some of the biggest names in the genre such as Excision, Downlink, NGHTMRE, Feed Me, Kill The Noise, Nero, Rusko, Snails, Zomboy, Virtual Riot & more!

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  • Dubstep Secret Sounds


    The presets are not only 100% ready to drop into tracks, but they can also be used as a valuable learning resource by studying how the sounds are crafted. All sounds in this pack have interesting macros applied, and are endless fun to tweak & twist into your own brand new creations.
    As a bonus 118 one shot WAV synth sounds have also been included, which can be time stretched, pitched, and chopped up to your desire.


    Serum Presets
    06 x Arps
    59 x Bass
    05 x FX
    13 x Lead
    09 x Pads
    14 x Poly Synth
    09 x Pluck
    03 x Seq

    118 x One Shots

    Dubstep Secret Sounds



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