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Eastern Trap Sample Pack


This natural and original Eastern Trap sound library focuses on jazz-inspired chord progressions and Egyptian melody lines mixed with beats that have a human feel to them. Eastern Trap displays brand new original samples, loops and one-shots including exciting synth loops, hard bass lines, exotic percussive loops and original drums. The pack focuses on showing how varied trap can be, and targets authenticity within sound design and genre. If you are looking to add an original twist to your sound productions, Eastern Trap can provide just that.

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  • Eastern Trap


    With ear catching melodies stacked on top of never before heard sound design, Origin Sound brings you a new age flow in Oriental Trap. From Jazz inspired chords, Precise sound design, cutting drums all the way to far out Eastern vibes. Tou will be able to achieve the full spectrum of trap, ranging all the way from mainstream to complete innovation with this pack.


    • 61 Cracking Drum Hits
    • 30 Humanised Drum Loops (Full bounces and stem bounces)
    • 15 Extra percussion loops
    • 20 Fat Bass Loops (including Midi files)
    • 22 Inspiring Chord Loops (including Midi files)
    • 21 Oriental Melody Loops (including Midi files)
    • 15 Emphasising SFX
    • 20 Extra One Shots
    • 10 Bonus Massive Presets

    Eastern Trap



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