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EDM For Everyone Sample Pack


Imagine motion with direction. Imagine EDM for Everyone. Feel the cool breeze of excitement as you open the door on this extensive audio sample pack that has every base covered, every question answered and every option you've always wanted from your sound library. Big EDM has created EDM for Everyone to make that dream a reality.

Giving you the sounds you need to develop a progression so intense it emits power and dictates bodies to be in motion. Featuring classic-style synths, bass, and percussion in addition to the latest and most creatively developed sounds that are continuing to break the boundaries and keep millions engaged.

Exploring deeper regions within the EDM genre Big EDM has included sounds related to PsyTrance and Hip-Hop. Why be bound by what has already been done? This pack encourages you to experiment and provides the sounds to do it. This pack isn’t just for anyone, it’s EDM for everyone.

Not only have we included one hits and audio loops, but we also had our professional sound designers give up their custom combinations used to make the most brilliant sounds in the form of presets for both Serum and Spire. Use these presets and you too can utilise and customise aggressive growls, elegant plucks, smooth pads, full and powerful synth stabs and the strongest sounds that will rise above your highest expectations.

Jump start your next song, put the finishing touches on your latest and greatest or start from scratch. Whatever you do just make sure you got the room on your hard drive for this massive library that makes EDM more accessible than ever. Pick up Big EDM's EDM for Everyone pack today.

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    The fine print:

    Here at W. A. Production, we adhere to a strict standard of quality. We spend time behind the board with our hands-on and our ears open accepting only the best of the best. Our producers are affluent in the EDM scene and are at the forefront of creation. We won't put our name on just anything. This ensures you that there are no regurgitated sounds of yesterday. We want to be the leader, we want your mix to lead. We stay one step ahead of the game and offer these sounds to you so that you can master your craft and get the results you want.

    You expect the best and so do we. Buy our packs with confidence and knowing that you'll get the latest and most innovative sounds with the utmost respect for audio production quality.


    45 x Claps that include Acoustic, Drop, Pre-Shifted and Stadium
    75 x Cymbals that include Acoustic, Open & Closed Hi-Hats, Crashes, and Rides
    101 x Drum Loops that include Acoustic, EDM, Hip-Hop and PsyTrance
    25 x Fills that include EDM BuildUps, EDM Fills, Hip-Hop BuildUps and Hip-Hop Fills
    85 x FX that include Clap Impacts, Deep Impacts, Reverse Cymbals & Synth, Risers, Up & Down Sweeps and White Noise
    130 x Kicks that include Acoustic, Big, EDM, Hip-Hop, House, PsyTrance, and Top
    90 x Percussion that includes Cowbells, Shakers, Snaps, Tambourines, Toms and Top Percussion
    45 x Snares that include Acoustic, Big, Hard, Hip-Hop, and Soft
    195 x Synth that includes 808, Bass Loops & Shots, Synth Loops & Shots
    18 x Serum Presets
    11 x Spire Presets
    • 100% Royalty Free

    EDM For Everyone



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