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EDXXX Sample Pack


BigEDM is delivering sounds that are silky smooth and stylishly sexy in their latest pack of construction kits, EDXXX.

For those who want to expand their musical horizons or learn about song composition and structure, construction kits are the way to go. Created by professional sound designers, construction kits pick apart every aspect of a song. Every sound, every effect, and every setting is included. Construction kits are always a great way to save time and allow for a smooth workflow. Being genre specific every sound included will coincide with one another. Give your creativity a boost, stay current on the latest techniques or discover genre specific song features. Construction kits keep you and your sound from stagnation.

BigEDM’s EDXXX pack includes bright, clear, and precise snare drum one hits and fills. Full, sustaining and hip swaying kick drum one hits and beats. Hi-hats and cymbal sound with penetrative responses. Bass grooves that are rhythmically strong, deep, and laid back. You will also find synth leads that are saturated in satisfying sensual tenderness as well as rhythms that are percussively pulsating. Carrying a medium paced upbeat feel and offering a stellar way to burn off that remaining energy and start cooling down. Not to mention build ups and wind-downs that rise and fall with an enticing curiosity that is also playfully alluring.

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    The fine print: Here at W. A. Production we adhere to a strict standard of quality.

    We spend time behind the board with our hands-on and our ears open accepting only the best of the best. Our producers are affluent in the EDM scene and are at the forefront of creation. We won't put our name on just anything. This ensures you that there are no regurgitated sounds of yesterday.

    We want to be the leader, we want your mix to lead. We stay one step ahead of the game and offer these sounds to you so that you can pioneer the forefront of audio production.

    You expect the best and so do we.

    Buy our packs with confidence and knowing that you'll get the latest and most innovative sounds with the utmost respect for audio production quality.


    10 x Construction kits (+ Spire Presets & MIDI)
    20 x Sylenth1 & Spire Presets
    08 x Fills
    07 x FX
    03 x Hats & Claps
    100% Royalty Free




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