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ELECTED House Sample Pack


Big EDM is back again with an amazing pack for you to add to your list of resources.

We have spent countless hours compiling and designing the best House Samples and Presets on the market because we want all of you to be able to create the best House tracks with the best House resources.

Introducing, Big EDM – Elected House, the brand new banger House pack in the scene to this date.

Elected House comes packed with Drum Samples, Construction Kits, Serum and Spire Presets, Synth Loops and an Ableton Project.

We have compiled all of these samples that are perfectly designed and fitted to the modern House sound.

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    The Ableton Project is something we believe to be an amazing and helpful tool to learn the basics of producing a House track.

    Learning how we did the layout and arrangement, the mixing of each individual element, and finally how we mastered the track to beef it up.

    Even look at the presets and see how they were created and what Plugins we used.

    The Construction Kits are a signature of ours and we have seen evidential proof that these Kits work and assist producers of all talents and levels.

    We have created 5 perfect House example Kits for you to look through and use to your advantage.

    As per usual, each Construction Kit comes with all of the individual elements rendered out into stems as well as the MIDI for each element and the Presets we used to create each Kit.

    You can do a crazy amount of things with these Construction Kits, such as put the project together strictly using the rendered stems, recreate the Kit using the MIDI of each element and the presets we created for each individual Kit, or rather use your own presets to give it your own personal sound!

    We also included some incredible Synth Loops.

    These Synth Loops range from different Instruments and keys.

    We believe these loops are special because you can choose any loop that fits your tracks sound and key.

    We understand that sometimes our sounds we use for the loops don’t always satisfy the needs of your tracks, so to avoid you having to figure out how the MIDI was written, we have included the MIDI files for each individual Synth Loops as well!

    We have so much more to talk about for this pack, but instead of all this talk, just take a look for yourself!

    We know you will love every bit of it!


    05 x Construction Kits
    01 x Ableton Project
    16 x Kicks
    11 x Snares
    11 x Claps
    11 x HiHats
    20 x Synth Loops (+ MIDI)
    11 x Serum Presets
    06 x Spire Presets

    209 Files in Total

    ELECTED House



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