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Festival Toolkit Sample Pack


Origin Sound presents their latest release ‘Festival Toolkit’. A huge collection based on the fundamentals needed to create any festival banger. Ranging from thumping kick drums to innovative SFX hits, we ensure you that this library will not fall short on the main stage, no matter the genre!

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  • Festival Toolkit


    Including a massive 170 drum hits, spanning over 60 hard hitting kicks, 60 cracking snares, 25 sparkling tops and 25 sharp percussive hits all recorded at 24bit 44.1K high quality, “Festival Toolkit” provides every high fidelity transient and tone that you can get.

    We have focused in on making sure that a huge scope of electronic music genres is covered in “Festival Toolkit”, ranging from Trap & Hip Hop, through to House, Future Bass and Dubstep. Spanning all main Tempos, the 30 meticulous drum loops are bounced without as individual stems to enable you to intertwine and make your own beats.

    The detailed SFX also add clarity and smooth transitioning in your mixes, along with maintaining a high standard of sound design. These SFX one shots can greatly complement the 30 comprehensive drum loops, having been expertly crafted to ground your productions.

    This unparalleled assortment of samples are perfect for slotting straight into your mixes and are essential for every producer's sample collection.


    • 60 x Thumping Kicks
    • 60 x Heavy Snares
    • 25 x High fidelity perc hits
    • 25 x Sparkling tops
    • 30 x Forward thinking drum loops (Full bounces and stem bounces)
    • 22 x Bonus demo track loops
    • 25 x Drag & drop SFX

    Festival Toolkit



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