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Future Bass & Trap Presets Preset Pack


Big EDM team is proud to present this cutting-edge “Future Bass & Trap Presets” release.

A massive mixture of the best and most complex presets, that you will ever need to easily flip any production upside down!

This ferocious pack contains everything from the wobbly and wide chords to sharp and energetic leads, perfectly distorted 808 kick presets, deep bass Sounds and more.

NOTE - Massive version 1.3 or higher required for these presets

NOTE - Sylenth version 2.2.0 or higher required for these presets

NOTE - Spire version 1.0.3 or higher required for these presets

NOTE - Serum version 1.113 or higher required for these presets

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  • Future Bass & Trap Presets


    Big EDM team took the best sounds from their own and W. A. Production releases and manually compiled them into this amazing soundset.

    You will have every material you need to create exciting and ground shaking tracks.

    Even if you lack some inspirations.

    Included are 196 sounds for super popular xFer Serum, NI Massive and also Sylenth1 and Spire plugins.

    Every sound is professionally designed which guarantees the next track you make will be fantastic.


    88 x Serum Presets
    34 x NI Massive Presets
    48 x Sylenth1 Presets
    26 x Spire Presets

    • 100% Royalty Free

    Future Bass & Trap Presets



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