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Future Bounce Sounds 3 Sample Pack


Big EDM – Future Bounce Sounds 3 is a massive arsenal of catchy Drum Loops, Melodies and Top loops that are sure to get the crowd hype.

With the amazing work our team put into this pack, we can assure you that just dropping any of these loops or presets into your track will guarantee a catchy tune.

We sat down and carefully crafted each preset and loop to perfection, so perfect in fact that it's almost unfair how easy it is to use them!

You need to grab a copy of this pack because if you don’t, you will be missing out on on the ability to craft an amazing and rhythmic track!

Future Bounce, like most genres of EDM, has a very foggy history so try to keep up with this explanation.

Future Bounce, sometimes referenced or rather called Future House by some people, emerged around 2010 in the United Kingdom.

Adapted by using the techniques of UK Garage, Deep House and Fusion, Future Bounce has taken over a lot of the EDM scene.

Producers like Don Diablo, Kerri Chandler, Mike Williams, Mesto, Curbi and Swanky Tunes have used broad techniques into crafting their own style of Future Bounce in 2014.

In the clubs all over the world, Future Bounce is the leader of hyping crowd.

With the punchy kicks, snappy snares and groovy melodies, Future Bounce is hypnotic to listen to.

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  • Future Bounce Sounds 3


    Big EDM – Future Bounce 3 can provide that exact feeling!
    We have jam-packed this pack with Presets, Drums, Loops and Percussions.

    These things are for sure going to help you along the journey of creating this amazing genre of music.

    Giving producers this much high-quality content is the best way to have the amazing club bangers flowing like crazy.

    Using Big EDM – Future Bounce Sounds 3, with all the content we are giving out, is going to make your mix-down loads easier.

    Our sounds designers went to town on perfecting the sound of Future Bounce.

    We can assure you won’t be disappointed with this amazing pack.


    03 x Construction Kits
    60 x Xfer Serum Presets (Including 13 Noises & 16 Tables)
    20 x Sylenth1 Presets
    30 x Claps and Snares
    75 x Cymbals
    40 x Kicks
    17 x Drum Loops
    11 x Melody Loops
    45 x Percussions

    Future Bounce Sounds 3



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