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Future House Neptune Sample Pack


Big EDM is staying in the lead bringing you guys the latest sounds so you can be the first to unleash totally original tracks with the best in Future House. Future House Neptune is loaded with 2.34G of possibilities. We’ve got the staple "go to" sounds to lay down your foundation including, formed traditional hi-hats, frequency modulated bass lines, elastic style drops and electro snares.

On top of that, we've got the most solidified loops that are never monotonous or emulate what is already out there. Working for you are top industry leaders in audio production alongside the most creative minds at the soundboard.
Big EDM offers only the utmost in quality, originality, and sustainability that will last longer than just one mix or passing trend. Stay away from the old and break away from the mold with Big EDM’s Future House Neptune.

We understand you have a choice when you are shopping for high-quality audio loops. We also understand you don’t want to spend hours of production time searching and piecing together all the elements you are looking for. Let us save you time, money and frustration. This pack not only includes the optimum in audio quality loops, drums, synth leads, and transitions. We give you construction kits that are 100% complete with everything used to complete an endless amount of possibilities. We are giving you the insider secrets behind what we do in hopes to inspire you and let your creative juices flow. Break the block.

Stop putting your tracks on the back burner because you are stumped. Open this pack and ad that texture, add that transition, modify and manipulate. You name it, we got it. Finger snaps, synth lines that roll like oceanic waves, builds, thrills, beautiful harmony, bass loops with soul, whimsical tones to design a utopia for the senses. Hear each instrument with crystal clarity and layer brilliantly with no frequency overloads or the dreaded battle for space.

Future House Neptune will set your mix galaxies apart with over 500 sounds.

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  • Future House Neptune


    Full Pack:


    05 x Construction kits
    50 x Melody Loops + MIDI
    50 x Bass loops + MIDI
    41 x Claps and Snares
    10 x Cymbals
    60 x Drum Loops
    20 x FX Samples
    30 x Kicks
    20 x Percussive Loops
    30 x Synth Shots
    20 x Massive Presents
    20 x Sylenth1 Presets

    Future House Neptune



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