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Guitar & Brass House Sample Pack


BigEDM is stripping down and giving you 5 x construction kits full of all the nuts and bolts you need to create guitar and brass house your listeners will swear you hired a full orchestra.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or seasoned pro this is the must-have resource for seeing all the elements at work.

BigEDM is unstoppable when it comes to creating the best of best and these professional sound designers aren’t afraid to unlock the secrets behind their success.

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  • Guitar & Brass House


    No need to search through endless libraries to find that perfect drum or percussive sound to accompany your polished instrument sound, you will find all you need inside.

    Professional quality audio, structure, innovation, and experience.

    Master the art of creating Guitar and Brass House. With these tools you aren't just designing a blueprint, you are constructing an electronic masterpiece like a pro.


    05 x Complete Construction Kits (76 Loops + MIDI, 4 Spire presets, 2 Serum presets)
    10 x Kicks
    06 x Hi-Hats
    07 x Claps
    12 x Bass Loops (+ MIDI)
    12 x Instrument Loops (+ MIDI)

    Guitar & Brass House



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