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Hardstyle By Pherato Sample Pack


Big EDM is back with an amazing and powerful pack that we are sure you are going to want to get your hands on.

We teamed up with a hardstyle producer and decided to bring you a pack in a genre you don’t see from us to often.

Introducing, Big EDM – Hardstyle by Pherato!

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  • Hardstyle By Pherato


    e decided to bring you a Hardstyle based pack and who better to team up with than Pherato, a producer who has been a crazy up and comer in the Hardstyle scene.

    He went crazy on this pack creating things like Atmospheres, Claps, Construction Kits Presets, Synth Shots, Melodic Loops and so much more!

    The Construction Kits in Hardstyle by Pherato are packed with amazing information to review and learn from.

    Pherato has included all the stems from the Construction Kit preview as well as all of the MIDI & Presets from the stems included.

    This allows you as always to rebuild the Construction Kit from the pack using the stems, or what is even better and more helpful in the long run is to use the MIDI that is included to recreate the Construction Kits using your own Drums, FX, Presets etc.

    Pherato also included some amazing Drum Loops.

    Hardstyle is a complex genre in in the world of Drum Creation.

    The Drum Patterns in Hardstyle are very powerful and full of crazy Cymbals and Kicks.

    The most amazing thing that Pherato brought you guys was some of the most wicked and complex Hardstyle Kicks in the EDM Industry.

    He spent hours designing these Kicks to fit that spastic, power hitting sound that every Hardstyle Kick has.

    We know for a fact you will find all of the Drum Elements included in this pack useful!

    Melodies are crazy hard to think of most of the time.

    Pherato included some fantastic Melody Loops that you can slap into your mix with ease.

    Add any amount or type of effects to the Melody Loops, and we guarantee it will spice up the already complex and beautifully rendered Melody Loops that will pump the sound of your track up!

    We are super excited to show you the talents of Pherato and are even more excited for you to grab yourself a copy of this pack and create some crazy Hardstyle tracks.

    We look forward to hearing your talents!

    So enjoy Big EDM – Hardstyle by Pherato!


    03 x Construction Kits (MIDI & Presets Provided)
    39 x Serum Presets
    17 x Sylenth1
    12 x Atmos
    20 x Claps
    30 x Cymbals
    46 x Drum Loops
    15 x Effects
    29 x Kicks
    20 x Melody Loops
    20 x Percussion
    20 x Snares
    14 x Synth Shots

    Hardstyle By Pherato



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