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Hardstyle Mania Sample Pack


Get the party raging all night, and hard, with Hardstyle Mania from Big EDM.

Welcome to a monstrous environment with melodically characteristic leads. Adrenaline enthusiasts will enjoy the relentless pounding and gouging of the overdriven kick sounds. The thrill seekers will have their hair on end with the abrupt turns throughout this labyrinth of electronic sounds. Think you can handle the caffeinated rush of heart-pounding exhilaration and thick bass heavy resonance?

Keep those heads banging and rattle a nerve ending or two as anamorphic percussion phases in and out behind a solid gnarly kick clears the path. Post-apocalyptic leads dripping in melodic harmony with sounds of beautifully clear plucks ascend and descend. Sub bass, tight snare pops, crispy snares and everything you need to compose an infinite number of Hardstyle all-nighters. From classic “must have” signature sounds to the latest and greatest auditory delight you have never even heard before. it’s all here, waiting for you to determine ….. how hard can you make it?

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  • Hardstyle Mania


    Here at W. A. Production, we adhere to a strict standard of quality. We spend time behind the board with our hands-on and our ears open accepting only the best of the best. Our producers are affluent in the EDM scene and are at the forefront of creation. We won't put our name on just anything. This ensures you that there are no regurgitated sounds of yesterday. We want to be the leader, we want your mix to lead. We stay one step ahead of the game and offer these sounds to you so that you can master your craft and get the results you want.

    You expect the best and so do we. Buy our packs with confidence and knowing that you'll get the latest and most innovative sounds with the utmost respect for audio production quality.

    • 409 Files In Total
    • 100% Royalty Free


    21 x Drop Melody Loops (+ MIDI)
    16 x Break Melody Loops (+ MIDI)
    33 x Bass One Shots
    14 x Lead One Shots
    07 x Pluck One Shots
    35 x Drum Loops
    10 x Serum Presets
    10 x Spire Presets
    15 x Sylenth1 Presets
    22 x Kicks
    15 x Claps
    15 x Snares
    40 x Cymbals (Ride, Crash, Open/Closed Hi-Hat)
    15 x Percussion
    12 x Fills
    55 x FX (Impacts, Risers, Down/Up Sweeps)
    06 x Vocals
    07 x Build Ups

    Hardstyle Mania



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