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HOUSE Revelation Sample Pack


Big EDM is always here for you when it comes to releasing amazing quality and useful production resources.

We love the reaction and positive feedback we get from all of you.

It keeps up going and keeps us motivated to keep these packs coming!

Today we are giving you something amazing, and we are really excited to be able to share it with you and literally watch producers grow.

Big EDM introduces House Revelation, a state of the art House sample packs that come action packed with hundreds of resources for you to add to your library.

We enjoyed making this pack, as we all know House is pioneer genre in the EDM scene, so creating a pack surrounded around this genre is a really big deal to make it perfect.

House Revelation comes with some amazing things like Claps, Construction Kits, Cymbals, Drums, FX and many other amazing samples!

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  • HOUSE Revelation


    Construction kits are a key factor that we love to include in basically every pack we do.

    We believe they are amazing things to learn from and practice your production.

    Taking the Kits and studying the different types of House we created and learning what it takes to make a complete track is a steal if you ask us.

    We included 5 Construction Kits and each comes with the dry and wet stems for the full Kits mix, the MIDI for each individual stem and the presets we used to create the track.

    Use the stems, or build a whole new track with the MIDI.

    You can use the presets we supply or use your own. The opportunities are insane!

    We also love to incorporate some Melody Loops as well.

    We do this because we know as a production company who has to spend endless amount of hours in the studio creating these Melody Loops from scratch that it is not and easy thing to do.

    So to help you with coming up with your tracks sound, we included 10 AMAZING Melody Loops that you can use as is, or chop up to create something different.

    OR, if you love the melody but not the sound, then no problem!

    We also included the MIDI for each melody so you can add your own style to the mix!

    We really loved making this pack for you guys, and we really hope you enjoy the resources and endless possibilities that House Revelation has to offer!


    05 x Construction Kits
    10 x Drum Loops
    10 x Kicks
    10 x Melody Loops + MIDI
    10 x Percussion
    10 x Synth Shots
    10 x Claps
    10 x FX
    10 x Cymbals
    21 x Serum Presets

    HOUSE Revelation



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