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Jacked Trap Sample Pack


Big EDM Sounds is proud to present “Jacked Trap”, another top notch artist-inspired sample pack.

Skrillex has revolutionized Dubstep music while Diplo has revolutionized Trap music. When they decided to join forces, the revolution of Hybrid Trap music happened. With the unique sound design of Skrillex and groovy beats of Diplo, they had pushed the boundaries of Hybrid Trap music. We are trying you to do the same thing – to revolutionize music with your own unique sound and style.

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  • Jacked Trap


    The possibilities for that to happen is endless when you have the access to the same quality of tools which the big producers are using.

    Your track will stand out just like theirs.

    Included are the best sounds by Big EDM and W. A. Production + exclusive Content.


    131 x Drum Samples (to create lasting impact in your song)
    8 x Claps
    20 x Cymbals
    34 x Kicks
    8 x Percussion
    46 x Snares
    15 x Top Loops
    44 x Sound Samples (to increase your workflow of writing music)
    9 x Brasses
    4 x Drop Stabs
    31 x Melody Loops
    36 x Sound Patches (secrets to next level sounds)
    12 x Massive Patches
    24 x Serum Patches

    Jacked Trap



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