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Lo-Fi Cuts 2 - Soulful Jazz Beats Sample Pack


Following on from the popularity of its predecessor, Origin Sound has picked up where it left off, continuing to evolve and develop an extensive Lo-Fi library under the moniker of Lo-Fi Cuts 2. A library filled with meticulously crafted samples that tastefully possess all the sonic characteristics and imperfections of Lo-Fi audio.

Naturally, the foundation of Lo-Fi Cuts 2 is the selection of drum loops on offer, as always with Origin Sound libraries you have complete control over the samples, with the full drum loops also being presented in separate stems to allow seamless interchangeability between kits and rhythms in order to weave your own unique beat. Not to mention the numerous individual drum hits, perfect for loading onto a drum machine and jamming with or even being more deliberate and placing into your arrangement to concoct your own beats.

To accompany your beat, Lo-Fi Cuts 2 offers an expansive array of musical stack song starters to choose from. These are musical layers which contain multiple elements such as emotive piano progressions, delicate dusty guitars and warm bass parts, all mix ready which makes working with these stacks much like working from genuine samples bootlegged from old vinyl records, enabling an authentic production experience. As with all our packs, these stacks are split up into their respective chord, melody, and bass stems, with accompanying MIDI to provide an unrestrictive library that allows you to delve into the finer details of the samples and place your own sonic imprint on your productions.

For that final level of detail there are a selection of SFX provided. You can find a selection of field recordings and hits, ideal for further removing your production out of your DAW and into a convincing sonic environment.

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  • Soulful Jazz Beats


    Lo-Fi Cuts 2 is a carefully put together library that has an abundance of authenticity and creativity in equal measure whilst not faltering on musicality, containing every musical sample oozing with feel and emotion. It provides you with the building blocks to express your creative vision and story.


    • 120 x Drum hits
    • 15 x Drum loops (with stem bounces)
    • 15 x Extra percussion loops
    • 11 x Bass loops (with MIDI files)
    • 12 x Chord loops (with MIDI files)
    • 15 x Melody loops (with MIDI files)
    • 10 x Song-starter loops (with aged & chopped variations)
    • 40 x Musical one shots
    • 40 x SFX

    Soulful Jazz Beats



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