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Moksha - Psytrance Sample Pack


Dive deep into your subconsciousness: Moksha - Psytrance is here! 

Our brand new trippy library, features a wide range of pounding kickdrums, subtle sequences, wild pulsating basslines, hypnotic riffs, acid melodies, psychedelic leads and many more essential Psytrance elements. We captured various hardware synthesizers and used a variety of outboard processor to make every single sound full. We also included easy to use breakdowns, buildups and progressions to really drive your crowd mad!

Inspired by artists such as Astrix, Astral Projection, Shpongle, Dragonfly, Infected Mushroom, Sesto Sento, G.M.S, Vini Vici, Vertical Mode, Ace Ventura, Talamasca, etc. This pack is completely devoted to your Psytrance, Goa, Hard Trance or Techno productions. This library is simply massive - over 700 MB of top notch 24-bit content.

Get ready for your psychedelic trip, grab Moksha - Psytrance NOW

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  • Moksha - Psytrance


    Enjoy over 90 purely hypnotic bass sounds that were created using world renowned Roland TB-303, dive into new dimensions of sound with a profusion of arpeggios, synth and chord loops. Looking for the typical Psytrance drum sounds?
    Don’t look any further! A crazy amount of 170 drum sounds will keep your inspiration floating for hours and hours. Punchy kicks, super tight snare and claps, bright hi-hats, hand-crafted percussions or weird glitchy samples - Moksha - Psytrance has it all.


    29 x Bass Growls
    45 x Bass Loops
    20 x Bass One Shots
    79 x Drum & Percussion Loops
    91 x Drum & Percussion One Shots
    41 x Synth Loops
    17 x Vocal Loops

    Moksha - Psytrance



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