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Monsterpet House Sample Pack


Record Labels, a place where people want their music to end up.

Each record label has a sound they look for, and they never usually 2 producers to have the same sound.

However, some labels love a certain sound and love producers that fit that sound.

Big EDM has just come up with a pack that is a must-have if you are wanting to breach a label deal.

NOTE - Serum version 1.113 or higher required for these presets

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  • Monsterpet House


    This pack will show a new sound to the House genre as a whole, and separate your sound from the others.

    Big EDM: Monsterpet House is one of those packs that has that beautiful yet intense and grimy sound that the amazing record label known as Monstercat is looking for.

    Monstercat supports a crazy amount of producers around the world as well as a plethora of genres, they basically have no limits when it comes to EDM.

    Monsterpet House is a pack derived from a deep and eccentric House music sound that will make you an individual in the House scene.

    What you can expect to see inside of Big EDM: Monsterpet House!


    05 x Construction Kits + the MIDI and Presets
    15 x Drum Loops
    30 x Claps
    30 x Cymbals
    30 x Kicks
    30 x Percussions
    30 x Snares
    20 x FX
    15 x Melody Loops + MIDI
    20 x Synth Shots
    30 x Sylenth1 Presets
    33 x Serum Presets

    Monsterpet House



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