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Nightfall - Dark Synthwave & Sci-Fi Sample Pack


Nightfall - Dark Synthwave & Sci-Fi is an essential collection featuring heavy-weight retro synths, lush pads and evolving FX. Created with analog instruments such as the Yamaha DX7, Roland Jupiter-8 and Virus TI and processed with genuine 80’s Telefunken preamps, this Stranger Things inspired sample bank is the perfect soundtrack to a bizarre world in a parallel dimension.

Start your journey into strange worlds off right. Get Nightfall - Dark Synthwave & Sci-Fi NOW!

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  • Nightfall - Dark Synthwave & Sci-Fi


    Expect nothing else than extraordinary sounds from outer worlds! We captured the authentic character of vintage synthesizers and huge variety of Eurorack modules to bring you a perfect mixture of dark synthwave sounds, essential square leads, Moog-ish basslines, rising and falling soundscapes, moody bells, high-fidelity sinister ambience and more.

    We synthesized and layered over 200 drum hits and loops using both vintage and modern gear to bring you a fresh set of dark synthwave drums and percussion that will lift your productions to new heights. In this expansive folder, you will find deep kicks, big reverbed snares, dazzling hi-hats, tonal percussive hits, various tom rolls, impactful crashes, razor-sharp open hats and much more.

    The FX folder features allure of mysterious sounds to lay down as hits or atmospheres. Add these tension-building effects as an extra layer to enhance your creation and capture the fascinating mood that will improve the overall aesthetic of your music.


    • 27 x Bass Loops
    • 11 x Bass One Shots
    • 12 x Full Drum Loops
    • 15 x Hi-Hat Loops
    • 15 x Kick & Snare Loops
    • 10 x Kick Loops
    • 11 x Percussion Loops
    • 13 x Snare Loops
    • 19 x Tom Fill Loops
    • 07 x Claps
    • 10 x Crashes
    • 13 x Hi-Hats
    • 21 x Kicks
    • 03 x Percussion
    • 29 x Snares
    • 14 x Toms
    • 21 x FX
    • 29 x Arp Loops
    • 08 x Atmosphere Loops
    • 12 x Chord Loops
    • 12 x Lead Loops
    • 18 x Synth One Shots

    Nightfall - Dark Synthwave & Sci-Fi



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