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PsyTrance Chakra Sample Pack


Big EDMs’ PsyTrance Chakra Pack delivers a new experience in creating a music-driven mind trip.

Included is a generous amount of dark full-on bass loops as well as bass shots that you can use to create your own patterns. Add a cultural touch with Arabian inspired instruments, bright brass horns, Flamenco style leads, and choose from a massive variety of percussion loops.

PsyTrance Chakra Pack offers unique twists and turns, wind downs, impacts, build-ups, and fills. Crisp sounding leads swirling and gradually rising, kick drums you can hear and feel in your chest, and snare hits that define the moment.

Loops can be placed in any combination with no adjustments required. Presets allow you to not only save time but stay current on the latest custom settings created by professional producers with you in mind.

Looking to make your own loops? One hit of the loops you hear are included. This means everything you hear can be modified, giving you complete control when and where you want it. There are no limits and no boundaries.

Create music that you and your audience can experience and flow with. Big EDMs’ PsyTrance Chakra pack will touch every single sense just right and guide your body on a journey beyond anything you can imagine. Don’t just move music, make music that moves.

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    Here at W. A. Production we adhere to a strict standard of quality. We spend time behind the board with our hands-on and our ears open accepting only the best of the best. Our producers are affluent in the EDM scene and are at the forefront of creation. We won't put our name on just anything. This ensures you that there are no regurgitated sounds of yesterday. We want to be the leader, we want your mix to lead. We stay one step ahead of the game and offer these sounds to you so that you can master your craft and get the results you want.

    You expect the best and so do we. Buy our packs with confidence and knowing that you'll get the latest and most innovative sounds with the utmost respect for audio production quality.


    60 x Synth Loops (+ MIDI)
    51 x Bass Loops (+ MIDI)
    47 x Serum, Spire & Sylenth1 Presets
    39 x Drum Loops
    20 x Fills
    27 x Cymbals (Open/Closed Hi-Hats, Crashes and Rides
    12 x Claps
    08 x Kicks
    12 x Percussion
    15 x Snares
    09 x Build Ups
    08 x Impacts
    07 x Risers
    15 x Downlifters
    21 x Uplifters
    09 x Synth Shots
    10 x Bass Shots
    09 x Vocal Loops
    100% Royalty Free

    PsyTrance Chakra



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