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REWIND Part 2 Sample Pack


Couldn't get enough of the nostalgic 90's hip hop beats featured in part 1? Don't fear…ST2 Samples is back with a bang…with REWIND PART 2.

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  • Rewind Part 2 - ST2 Samples


    Inspired by artists such as Snoop, Tupac, Dre, Biggie and many more of the signature beat-makers from the golden era, this production toolkit is the ultimate addition for those looking to build up their sonic arsenal of original, 100% royalty free hip-hop samples.

    We provide you with snappy boom bap drum loops, twisted & groovy basslines, melodic musical loops, and loads more.

    Need an idea fast? Not to worry, we provide, 2 full songstarters with loops and stems to get that idea down as quick as possible!

    We are ST2 Samples, and this, is, REWIND Part 2

    -110 Total Audio Files
    -39 Total MIDI Files


    • 15 x Bass Loops
    • 10 x Hats
    • 10 x Kicks
    • 10 x Snares
    • 15 x Drum Loops (60 Broken Down)
    • 10 x FX
    • 15 x Music Loops
    • 02 x Songstarters (20 Audio Files, 9 MIDI Files)
    • 05 x Vinyl FX

    Rewind Part 2 - ST2 Samples



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