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Spaghetti Trumpet by Basement Freaks Sample Pack


Spaghetti Trumpet by the funk legends The Basement Freaks has landed! If you know the Basement Freaks, then you are well familiar with their electric, booty shaking flavour of live instrument driven funk and bass music. Here is a sick library of some of their secret weapons of the past, present, and future! This is pack is set to provide inspiration, organic flair to your music, and your life with an enjoyable production experience for years down the road. 

This pack is perfect if you like artists like Krafty Kuts, The Freestylers, Basement Freaks, Griz, Gramatik, Grizmatik, The Funk Hunters, or K-Lab. This pack is highly usable for funk, disco, house music, trap, chill out, and any other variety of dance music.

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  • Spaghetti Trumpet by Basement Freaks


Spaghetti Trumpets is the sauce and will fill out a mix with luxuriously awesome live instrument freshness. The pack is full of succulent sexy stabs, luscious loops, over the top original one shots, and luminous licks; all ready to go straight into your newest project. The pride and joy of the pack, the One Shots in a variety of keys, either Dry, or soaking wet with perfect fx processing. Whether you’re a control freak with your reverb or there’s a tight remix deadline, there are plenty of Dry and Wet one shots for your needs.


    161 x One Shots - Wet
    74 x One Shots - Dry
    28 x Loops

    Spaghetti Trumpet by Basement Freaks



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