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Stereophonic - Hip Hop Soul & Organic Jazz Sessions Sample Pack


Stereophonic - Hip Hop Soul & Organic Jazz Sessions is a brand new library from Production Master, ideal for those who adore soulful melodies mixed with classic hip-hop beats.
Mimicking the warmth and feel of your vintage vinyl collection, merging lines between boom-bap and old school rap, this collection is an ode to bold.

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  • Stereophonic - Hip Hop Soul & Organic Jazz Sessions


    Authentic drum and percussion folder
    Explore the wide selection of original drum and percussion sounds; this impressive collection includes a variety of vintage breaks, dusty kick drums, punchy snares, organic percussion, dazzling hi-hats, crisp tops & more!
    All beats come as a full drum loops and the stripped stems and one shots for the maximum control.

    Lush chords, instruments and basslines
    Featuring a diverse mix of live and synthetic melody and bass loops, ‘Stereophonic - Hip Hop Soul & Organic Jazz Sessions’ offers a huge range of useful, creative and inspiring loops ranging from bass guitar riffs, mellow pianos and delicate organ phrases to smooth analogue-synthesised leads and synths.

    Lavish atmospheres
    Uncovering a plethora of emanating atmospheres ideal for backing any existing project, this folder should not be overlooked. Our atmosphere pick contains a solid foundation of ethereal pads, distant leads and authentic field recordings optimal to deliver that extra layer to your production.

    Special FX
    The FX folder features dazzling sounds to lay down as hits or atmospheres with a vast combination of high-fidelity drones and foley recordings to cut through your mix. Each sound has been processed and refined to bring studio-quality effects to your tracks.

    Grab Stereophonic - Hip Hop Soul & Organic Jazz Sessions now!


    22 x Atmospheres
    13 x Bass Loops
    72 x Drum & Percussion Loops
    52 x Drum & Percussion One Shots
    13 x FX
    18 x Chord Loops
    20 x Instrument Loops

    Stereophonic - Hip Hop Soul & Organic Jazz Sessions



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