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Synth Funk by Basement Freaks Sample Pack


Basement Freaks do it again! This time its time to get FUNKY!

Synth Funk has any and all funk keys and synths that you’d need for your next funkin’ production. But thats not all! Inside is also blazing Brass sounds, Music Loops, bendy Bass loops, and vocoded and lead Vocals!

The 70s and 80s are back with a new and improved sound, and Funky Synth will impact your latest production with all the elements your heart desires!

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  • Synth Funk by Basement Freaks


    Influenced by the Nu Jazz, Electro Funk and Synth Pop scenes; you can make any song come to live and dab with disco bringing energy and excitement to the party!
    Along with all the chunky funky grooving beat loops, there are loads of 80s funky leads fueling your song with some extra special improve feels. With Jazz Chords included, this pack takes you from even another angle, giving you some different ideas or inspiration that isn’t always found in todays packs!

    So grab Synth Funk today, and get ya booty on the dance floor!


    16 x Beat Loops
    02 x Brass
    33 x Keys
    14 x Lead Synths
    08 x Music Loops
    17 x Bass
    22 x Synths
    06 x Vocals

    Synth Funk by Basement Freaks



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