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Tarantino Bass Sample Pack


Get ready for Tarantino Bass! This sample pack is a unique style which can be considered a fusion of Mariachi & Balkan inspired sounds with a hint of funk to bring it all together. The live recorded instruments are definitely the main feature of this pack, with a huge selection of live recorded sax loops, trumpets, trombones, guitars, accordions and much more.

The saxophone loops area is a huge highlight of this pack, and you will find over 200 sax loops & one shots categorized as “Old School”, “Smokey”, “Jazzy”, “Jammin” and “Funky” so you can find the style you are looking for quickly.

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  • Tarantino Bass


    The mariachi trumpets are oozing with feeling and will transport you riding into the sunset after an intense showdown with bandits from the old west. Chop up the loops into Balkan inspired house tracks, or lay some of the brass instruments into some funky glitch hop tracks and watch the sounds come alive! All of the loops from the demo track are broken down into “kits” for easy remixing into your own original tracks.

    In addition to the 600 live recorded loops, Tarantino Bass also comes with 22 Kontakt patches – including 60’s Hammond organs, sax chops, ethereal & mood setting pads, bells, & drum kits just to name a few.

    Produced by the world renowned funk producer The Basement Freaks, Tarantino Bass is a one of a kind sound which can find uses in other genres such as well such as reggae, funk, soul, mariachi, hip hop, glitch hop.


    229 x Sax Loops & one shots
    73 x Trombone
    51 x Trumpet
    24 x Accordion
    10 x Brass FX
    98 x Construction Kit loops (8 kits)
    99 x Guitars
    15 x Vibraphone
    22 x Bonus Kontakt patches

    Download size 1.5GB Zipped

    Over 600 samples & loops + 22 Kontakt patches

    Tarantino Bass



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