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The Saga - Cinematic Sounds Sample Pack


Welcome to The Saga - Cinematic Sounds! Be prepared for an epic journey, where the fire and brimstone rage on, and the ice covered mountains lead the way! This sample pack is truly an adventure in-and-of itself, where you will find full orchestra loops, cel-los, violins, piano, and copious amounts of strings to help bring a life of their own into your cinematic creations. Along with the grandiose strings and orchestra samples and loops, there are full song starters provided, giving you even more elements to use that already work perfectly together.

But the journey must continue, and if you move further beyond the legendary strings and pools of orchestra, you will find bionic synths and godly electronic elements, to make your cinematic score or song into something entirely original and unique and keep the emotions flowing. Keep the movement energized with heroic bass lines, or bubble under the deep caverns with melodic Arps and edgy Leads. It’s all there, ready to assist you in the quest.

Grab The Saga - Cinematic Sounds today, and dive into an odyssey of epic proportions!

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  • The Saga - Cinematic Sounds


    Inspired by movies and composers alike; such as Hans Zimmer, James Horner, Danny Elfman, Michael Giacchino, and movies like Gladiator, Avatar, Start Trek and Lord Of The Rings to name a few.

    Grab The Saga - Cinematic Sounds today, and dive into an odyssey of epic proportions!


    • 17 x Full Loops
    • 106 x Instrument Loops
    • 03 x Full Song Starters (42 stems total)
    • 15 x String Ensembles
    • 38 x Synth, Bass and Pad Loops

    The Saga - Cinematic Sounds



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