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Tribal & African Percussion Sample Pack


Bringing a human element into electronically produced music can really add a special quality and groove that is otherwise hard to obtain by sequencing samples. Tribal & African Percussion features nearly 300 percussion loops & one shots, recorded live and played by a skilled percussionist. Layer these grooves into your tracks and watch them come alive, or slice up the rhythms to create entirely new grooves. One shots from all of the loops have been provided as well so if you prefer to sequence your own beats on an MPC, Maschine, or your own DAW then all the sounds are ready to go.

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  • Tribal & African Drums


    The samples are ideal for a producer who wants to bring the African & Cumbia vibe into their tracks. The loops have been recorded at various different tempos so you can use these sounds in many different genres, including many different forms of EDM. Leading artists such as Major Lazer have been continuously mixing their EDM craft with Latin & African samples so we encourage users to experiment with the samples and think outside the box when using these sounds. Producers of genres such as house, trap, and techno will soon find this may just be that secret weapon in their arsenal. The rhythms act as starting point to achieve complex grooves, try shifting around where the 1 beat lands on these grooves to watch entirely rhythms appear!


    9 Balafon Loops
    121 Conga Loops
    57 Djembe & Combo Loops
    7 Shaker Loops
    79 One shots
    4 Talking Drum loops

    Tribal & African Drums



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