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What About: Ultimate Vocals Loops Sample Pack


What About: Ultimate Vocal Loops is a majestic and extremely useful pack by W. A. Production aimed for all EDM, Future House, Tech House, Deep House, House, Progressive and Trap producers. The pack contains 177 key labelled loops that will bring the proper vocal feeling right to your mixes. In case you are looking for some exclusive vocal sounds, do not miss this product.

Nowadays the music industry and its tracks are full of various vocal cuts and loops. In case you want to get a nice spot for your tunes and you want them to sound professional and full, you simply have to use some vocal elements. You can hear how enormously popular these sounds are, in the latest releases on Spinnin' Records, Protocol, Mucial Freedom and Revealed.

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  • Ultimate Vocal Loops


    Inside this pack you will find multiple folders divided by type of vocal loops including drop loops, melody loops, vocal loops pitched and more.

    With 'What About: Ultimate Vocal Loops' you can create your own loops, or use those that have been carefully prepared for you. Also provided are the dry versions of some loops which brings you even more freedom for your productions.


    • 177 x Vocal Loops in Total
    • 10 x Drop Loops
    • 39 x Melody Loops
    • 120 x Pitched Vocal Loops (Dry versions included)
    • 08 x Extras
    • 100% Royalty-Free

    Ultimate Vocal Loops



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