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    ANA V1.5


Designed from the ground up

We believe that a great sounding main synth is key to great sounding productions but for too long these type of products have been priced out of reach for most aspiring producers. With ANA we aim to change that!

ANA has been designed from the ground up to create all the sounds you hear in modern and classic electronic music.

It is designed to be extremely user friendly and intuitive. Everything is set out clearly and with a logical flow. In the coming weeks we will continue to support the plugin with tutorials to help you really understand the fundamentals of good sound design and enable you to create sounds you never before thought possible.

ANA - image
ANA - image

Award Winning Synth

We have been given numerous awards and praise for our ANA synth along with the huge honour of being voted into the readers poll for Top 10 Best Synths of 2013

Keeping company with the likes of Alchemy, MASSIVE and Sylenth in the top 10 and beating out synths such as Diva, Reaktor, FM8 and Z3TA2, ANA holds its own when it comes to sound quality, usability and value for money.

In fact we have won 2 awards for best value synth from both Computer Music and Music Tech Mag!

ANA - image


Unique customisable Envelope

ANA contains a graphical envelope which allows you to simply draw in your envelope shape using your mouse. This allows for unique and extreme envelope shapes which are great for creating drum / percussion sounds, fx risers or for a simple customised lead / bass sound.

Intuitive Design

It's intuitive interface design makes designing your own patches a doddle and with features such as the G-Envelope you can create FX sounds and kick drums in an instant. Simply right click to add in new points for endless shapes and possibilities..

G-Env - image
ANA - Artists

Artists Using ANA

ANA is used in the studios of many World Famous DJ's and Producers. Here are just a few of them..

ANA - Artists
ANA - Artists

400 Presets Included

Hundreds of presets to get you started

ANA comes bundled with over 400 unique presets subdivided into different categories of sound.. These categories include Bass, Lead, Plucks, Pads, Stabs, Strings, Atmospheres, Risers, FX & Drums and have subdivisions of genre covering House, Trance, Electro, Dubstep & Techno.

These patches have been created by our professional Sonic Academy Tutors, DJ's and Producers with decades of experience between them and have been focused on the modern cutting edge sounds heard in todays biggest hits.

ANA - Presets


ANA comes with 3 OSC types.. Analog, Advanced Noise and Attack containing 133 waveform shapes

These Include fundamental analog, modern digital, sampled string and voice waveforms, giving a huge breadth of sound sources to create a wide range of sounds.

ANA - Oscillators
ANA - Filters


Containing 23 Filter Types - including standard 2 / 4 Pole filters for Low, Band & High Pass filtering, along with our amazing sounding Vintage Multimode Filters.

Also included are 4 Formant Filters that replicate the human vocal tract, great for creating WOAW & AAYYYYE Dubstep Sounds

ANA - Filters


ANAs Filter and Amp Envelopes are uniquely tuned to give as much fine control as possible over the important areas of your sound.

All ENVs have 3 unique curves giving you huge flexibility in creating super tight plucks to beefy basses.

The Graphical Envelope or G-ENV enables you to draw in your own curves to modulate a vast range of parameters.

ANA - Envelopes
ANA - Chord Hold

Chord Hold & FX

Use the Chord Hold feature to memorize your chord by simply pressing the keys you want to store in memory. Then all you have to do is press a single key to hear the chord playback.

ANA also has a wide range of FX to add to your sound, including Phase, Distortion, Compression, Delay, Chorus and our high quality Reverb.

ANA - Chord Hold

System Requirements

ANA comes in 2 formats

Windows - VST 32/64 Bit

Windows 7 , Windows XP, Windows Vista (32 Bit)
Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2, 512 MB RAM

Mac Osx - VST & AU 32/64 Bit

Mac OS X 10.6 or later (32/64 Bit), Intel Core Duo, 512 MB RAM (No PPC)


  • 6 Oscillators with 133 Different waveform types
  • OSC 1, 2 & 3 can have 8 voices per OSC with width and detune
  • 23 Filtered types including Vintage Analog and Formant (Talky) Models
  • ADSR Filter, and Amp Envelopes with switchable curves
  • ADSR Assignable Envelop with 65 targets
  • Graphical Envelope - 16 nodes asignable to 65 Targets
  • Chord Hold - Memorise up to 5 notes for instant one finger playback
  • 2 Low Frequency Oscillators with 7 waveform types, 2 outputs each with 65 targets
  • 2 Modulation sections with 9 sources and 65 targets
  • FX Section with 10 Fx types including - Phaser, Chorus, Amp Sim, Exciter, Clip Distortion, Decimator, Compressor, Bass Enhancer and Delay.
  • NEW Vintage Lush Plate Reverb
  • Fully Polyphonic portent with Legato and Slide Mode
  • Preview - playback midi sequence while browsing patches to get a better idea of the sound.
  • 400 Presets Included

Version History

Version 1.5

New Features:

  • New Lush Plate Reverb Algorithm
  • Fixing Modwheel Modulation routing
  • Adding Modulation Routing to FX and other Sources
  • Extra VA & Noise Oscs
  • New Comb, All Pass & Distortion & BP Filters
  • Polyphony Restrict (makes such a difference to CPU)
  • Full Polyphonic Portamento with various modes
  • Adding Detune Shape Control (gives linear or exp Curves)
  • SuperSaw Volumes Balanced
  • G-ENV Sync
  • Added Eq section
  • New Cleaner GUI.
  • Loading/Saving Custom Preset Banks/Categorys

New filters:

  • LP+Drive
  • LP+Distortion
  • All Pass
  • Comb
  • 2Pole Band Pass
  • 2Pole Band Pass Saturated
  • Performance & Bug Fixes:

    • General Memory & CPU Optimizations

    New Waveforms:

    Standard waves

    • APulse
    • MSaw
    • PSaw
    • SubSaw
    • SyncPulse
    • Comb 1-5
    • Dist 1-22
    • Fmod 1-6

    Noise Waves

    • Chime Noise
    • Early chord
  • Grain Voice 4
  • Horny
  • Ice Chord
  • Ice Wind
  • Male Choir
  • Metal Water
  • Metal Wind
  • Orcha Choir
  • Serenity Wind
  • Sky Bells
  • Suspense Chord
  • Winter Chord
  • Wonder Chord
  • Xmass Voice
  • White Noise
  • Pink Noise
  • Attacks

    • 90s Bass
    • Buzz Click
    • Digi Bell
    • Hi Hat
    • Kick Click 1
    • Kick Click 2
    • Tom 1-4

    Version 1.03


    • CPU performance optimised on all systems
    • Filter Response Improved - Now responds much quicker to Automation and manual input.
    • Switching presets and categories causing hang - Fixed
    • Duplicating Tracks with ANA causing audio spike - Fixed
    • New Presets (61):
    • Bassic Thip Wide
    • Bassic Wide Reso 1
    • Bassic Wide Reso 2
    • Bassic Wire
    • Finger Food 2
    • Sine Cave
    • Data Wire Pluck
    • Dutch Chords 1
    • Dutch Chords 2
    • Dutch Chords 3
    • Dutch Chords 4
    • Classic BP Stab
    • Stella
    • Data Wire Pluck
    • Data Step Drop
    • Data FM Wobble
    • Data Rise Wide
    • Data Wobble Wide
    • Data FM Pitch Drop
    • Data FM Phase LFO 1
    • Data FM Phase LFO 2
    • VT Infectious Lead
    • VT Octa Chords 1
    • VT Octa Chords 2
    • VT Saw FM Hard Lead
    • VT Pulse FM Lead 1
    • VT Pulse FM Lead 2
    • VT Saw FM Lead
    • VT Saw Strings
    • VT Sweep Strings
    • Close Encounter Choir
    • Saw Choir
    • Crystal Choir
    • Prophigy Firestart
    • RD 8Bit Explode
    • Hoover Mega 1
    • Hoover Mega 2
    • Hoover Mega 3
    • Bass Jack Mush
    • Chord Pad 1
    • Chord Pad 2
    • Chord Pad 3
    • Chord Pad 4
    • Chord Pad 5
    • Chord Pad 6
    • KG Feel Lead
    • Haze Around Bass
    • Everyday Disco Bass
    • Bassic Electro Fizz
    • Bassic Disco Funk 1
    • Bassic Disco Funk 2
    • Sine Vibro
    • Classic BP LFO 1
    • Classic BP LFO 2
    • Classic BP LFO 3
    • Classic BP LFO 4
    • Classic BP LFO 5
    • Classic BP LFO 6
    • Classic BP LFO 7
    • Crispy Pigs
    • Crispy Pigs Stab

    Version 1.02

    • Fixes and Bugs
    • Separated GUI from DSP - Improves graphic performance on all systems
    • Changed Registration Folder - should eliminate any users having registration problems.
    • Fixed LFO 2 Automation Mappings.
    • Fixed Crash with some 3rd party plugin libraries.
    • Fixed Midi CC all notes off… stops note hangs.
    • Fixed Issue with T-Racks, Rob Papen Conflicting library
    • Increased the performance on Windows 64-bit
    • New Standard Waves
    • DataDist
    • Octo4Saw
    • Octo5Saw
    • SubData
    • TriSub
    • New Noise Waves
    • Crispy Noise
    • Cheap Choir
    • New Presets (38)
    • Bassic Crispy Mini
    • Blendive 1
    • Blendive 2
    • Blendive 3
    • Blendive 4
    • Blendive 5
    • Blendive 6
    • Blendive 7
    • Blender 1
    • Blender 2
    • Blender 3
    • Blender 4
    • Blender 5
    • Blender 6
    • Blender 7
    • Saw Strings 1
    • Saw Strings 2
    • Cheap Choir
    • Melo Pad 1
    • Melo Pad 2
    • Melo Pad 3
    • mmmm Liara
    • Phaser Shimmer Pad
    • Simple Shimmer Pad
    • Normandy Pad
    • Mass Relay Pad
    • Departure
    • Acid Dist Funk
    • Metal Drum
    • Pulse Pluck
    • Simple Pluck 6
    • Simple Pluck 7
    • Simple Pluck 8
    • Simple Pluck 9
    • Mute Guitar
    • Shuttle Craft Fly By
    • Dutch Chords 2
    • Hot Right Now

    Version 1.01


    Fixed 32bit plugin issues on x64 machine

    Fixed x64 Crashes when selecting categories

    Fixed GUI closing bug

    Saving license file to desktop will be automatically picked up when YES is clicked on registration


    Fixed Modulation Wheel bug causing crashes when assigned to filters

    Fixed GUI closing Bug


    Optimisation of Presets and 32 bit Plugin should give most users better CPU usage.

    Artist Reviews

    2052 dgthumb

    David Guetta

    It's great ! I love the synth and the banks!

    2054 jgthumb

    Josh Gabriel

    Great F****g job. It's like the Roland d50 on steroids with a modern edge. It will def be one of my new goto synths for sounds that need to go there :-)

    Already using it in our new remake of Duncan Sheik - 'On A High'

    2422 bt image


    I love ANA, it's Amazing!

    2145 fdvthumb

    Funk D’Void

    Having great fun with ANA!! I have to remix many different styles and instantly connected with it. Loads to play around with including the G-ENV feature but the main hook for me is the chord memory function for coming up with my trademark stabs, and the onboard presets are spot on to get you started in the right direction.

    2053 frthumb

    Fred Rister

    Grand Prix Sacem 2009, Grammy Awards 2010, ASCAP Award Winner 2010, ASCAP Award Winner 2011

    I'm in my studio and i bought it right now WOUAAAAAHHHHH!! i'm so happy to have it. Bravoooo!!! ANA is a monster!!! Congratulations

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    • ANA V1.5

      ANA V1.5


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