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KICK 2 Drum Plugin

Our Multi Award Winning KICK drum plugin gets an extensive upgrade. Easily sculpt, shape, create, manipulate, and mangle your way to the perfect kick drum with our KICK drum synthesizer.

No longer do you need to rely on sampled and resampled low-quality kick drums from sample packs.

With KICK 2, you can easily create a perfectly synthesized kick attuned to your needs.

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Precision Drum Synthesis

Dedicated kick/bass drum synthesizer with an unrivaled level of detail

Tune-to-track with Sub Harmonic, Gate, Keytrack and Portamento controls, plus four distortion options and Bezier Curve algorithms

Explore 230 presets in a comprehensive range of styles. From classic 808s and 909s, to trance, industrial, experimental and beyond

Quite simply the world’s best kick drum plugin

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Used by the World's BEST Producers

David Guetta
David Guetta
Armin Van Buuren
Armin Van Burren
Armada Music
Major Lazer
Interscope, Spinnin Owsla, Dim Mak
Andrew Bayer
Andrew Bayer
Nicky Romero
Nicky Romero
Protocol Recordings
Calvin Harris
Calvin Harris
Love Regenerator
Warner, Perfecto, Armada, Anjunabeats
Mau5trap, popcultur, Mom + Pop Music
Sebastian Ingrosso
Axwell Ingrosso


"There are plenty of bass drum sample libraries available, but not many offer the power and simplicity of Sonic Academy's"

Jono Buchana - Future Music #278

Explore the worlds Best Kick Drum VST

Don’t just take our word for it, our KICK 2 has a FREE 14 day available to try

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Master Low-end

Our KICK 2 drum vst offers an exhaustive level of control over low-end drums, some of which might not be familiar to everyone.

Sonic Academy are proud to offer over 3 hours of free KICK 2 drum plugin tutorials that explain the importance of well-tuned drums in every genre of electronic music. Take your productions to the next level with KICK 2.

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Expand with Presets

Our KICK 2 drum plugin comes bundled with over 230 factory presets in a wide range of styles including Analog, Drum & Bass, House, Live, Percussion, Pop, Snares, Toms, Trance and Trap.

It’s also expandable with over 20 preset packs from artists like Ost & Meyer, Nicky Romero and Diskord, plus check out genre-inspired packs like Big Room and Festival, Techno, Future House, EDM and Psytrance.

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The Perfect Accompaniment

ANA2 is a powerful 6-voice synthesizer with a full suite of sound design tools that includes a Chord Memory Device, 64-step arpeggiator, analog-modelled filters and 24 FX modules.

This exceptional level of control makes ANA2 the perfect accompaniment to our KICK 2 drum plugin.

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ANA interface

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What are the main features of our KICK 2 - Drum VST plugin

The KICK 2 drum synth is jam packed with all of the essential components required to create the perfect kick drum:

High-Quality Bezier Curves

Snap to key to keep your drum in key

Built-in compressor and limiter

Gate / Keytrack & Portamento Control

Full Graphical EQ

Quick Kick Export

Tube, Clip and Wave distortion algorithms

Sub Harmonics control

3 fully featured Click areas

Drag and drop click loading

What are the main benefits of using our KICK 2 drum synthesizer?

Kick drums are, more often than not, sourced from audio samples from sample packs. The samples in these packs could have been sampled numerous times before making it into your sample pack.

Imagine a producer has made a track - using a sample from a sample pack, most likely applying some compression or eq directly on the kick, and 100% there is processing on the bus or master.

Someone has then sampled the kick from that track and included it in another sample pack. Then this sample is used in a track, and someone samples that track - an endless loop of sampling and resampling - with the quality deteriorating every cycle.

With the KICK 2 drum synthesizer your kick is synthesized from a pure sine wave generated inside the drum plugin - it’s in its rawest form. You can pitch it up or down / lock it to a specific key to suit your track, all without changing the quality of the kick, as it will always be 100% synthesized.

This is why our kick drum plugin has become one of the most essential tools in most producers' arsenal across the globe.

Who is our KICK 2 drum plugin suitable for?

Our KICK Drum VST was designed to be super user-friendly. Aimed at beginners but with all of the advanced tools available for the more intermediate and advanced producer.

So if you have just started on your music production journey we urge you to not be put off by using drum vst plugins. They are extremely easy to use - we actually have an article on how to install plugins in Ableton Live that may come in useful if you are a complete novice.

What is our KICK 2 drum VST for?

Our Kick drum plugin is for creating perfectly synthesized kick drums in their purest form. Which allows you to pitch and manipulate your KICK without compromising on the quality of drum sound.

This can only be done with a drum synth - using audio samples, you will inevitably end up compromising the quality of your kick.

The KICK 2 drum synth is one of world’s best drum plugins available to producers and is used by some of the world’s most prolific artists. It is an electronic drums vst which is perfectly suited for making electronic dance music.

How does our KICK 2 drum plugin help in making music?

If you have been searching endlessly for a kick to fit into your song. Struggling to find one in the perfect key, with the perfect tail. Perhaps you have one that has a great click at the start, but lingers on too long. Or you find one that is short and snappy enough, but it’s the wrong key for your bassline.

Well, this is where drum vst plugins come into their own. Using our KICK 2 drum plugin you can solve this problem but creating a kick that is the perfect length, perfect key, and has the perfect click to cut through your mix.

How does a kick drum virtual synthesizer work?

KICK 2 is one of world’s best virtual drums plugins available and as a virtual synthesizer it is used as part of your existing DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

It is a Drum Synth VST, and what this means is that it is installed on your computer and accessed via your DAW plugins area. Once installed, you create and add the drum plugin to an empty MIDI track in your project. You then sequence some MIDI notes onto this channel and it will trigger the Kick drum vst to play your kick drum sound.

All drum synth vsts have their own separate Graphical Interface (separate to your DAW) and it is from from there that you control all of your changes to your kick drum.

Are there any tutorials on our KICK 2 drum VST?

We have lots of free tutorials available for our kick drum plugin. We also use the kick drum vst extensively throughout our other course tutorials on our site. So if you are looking at a subscription to our courses you will see KICK 2 used a lot during the building of the drums in each course.

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