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NODE - Wavetable Editor

NODE is advanced waveform editing software. It is a vector-based wavetable generator for the creation of totally unique wavetables for use in wavetable synthesis.

Fluid Wavetable Engineering

Pinpoint wavetable editor and generator for creating totally unique sounds for your VST wavetable synth.

Draw and drag Nodes to animate waveshapes, or use vector-based curves to morph and stretch imported samples.

Create single cycle or multiframe wavetables and export directly into Serum, Arturia Pigments, ANA2, Ableton Wavetable, VPS Avenger and KV331 Synthmaster

Choose from the various presets, from classic analog to aggressive digital waveshapes, or use waveform templates to quickly build your own creations.


The anatomy of wavetables

NODE breathes new life into sound design and wavetable synthesis.

Available as a standalone application, VST, VST3, AAX or AU, NODE’s point-based animation and Bezier curves allow you to create completely unique wavetables.

Export them directly into your favourite advanced wavetable synthesizer to distinguish your productions with character and bite.

How NODE works

Understanding wavetable synthesis

NODE is a wavetable editor which allows for complex manipulation of waveshapes and samples, in a manner not previously available in a standalone app or plugin. With such endless sonic possibilities, it might be hard to find a starting point.

Sonic Academy is happy to present this free tutorial series on NODE, our wavetable synthesis vst, to help you on your way.

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The Perfect Accompaniment

ANA2 is a powerful 6-voice synthesiser with a full suite of sound design tools that includes a Chord Memory Device, 64-step arpeggiator, analog-modelled filters and 24 FX modules.

NODE was built with ANA2 in mind, and using our wavetable creator you can export directly into the synth for rapid sonic explorations, making ANA 2 the best wavetable synth VST available, when combined with our NODE.

Discover ANA
ANA interface

Build better Wavetables with NODE


Benefits of NODE for wavetable synthesis

Our wavetable synthesis plugin makes it extremely easy and accessible to create wavetables and export them for use in any wavetable synth VST that will support them - eliminating the need for really tedious and outdated software and manual input.

It’s extremely easy to use - and is quite simply the best wavetable generator synth VST on the market.

Who is our wavetable synthesis plugin suitable for?

Our wave synthesis plugin is extremely user friendly. You do need to understand the concept behind wavetable synthesis to help you create the sound that you are trying to achieve.

So, if you are a beginner looking to dabble in wavetable synthesis, or a an expert in the field looking to create custom wavetable banks. Then look no further as our wave synthesis plugin has all bases covered.

What is the NODE wavetable generator synth VST for?

Our Wavetable editor is primarily aimed at users who want to create their own unique sounds from scratch. Using wavetable synthesis you can have multiple wavetypes that can be scrolled through as you are playing your synthesizer. Giving you limitless possibilities and sounds.

How does the NODE wavetable generator help in making music?

WUsing our wave synthesis generator you can create complex sounding wavetables for use in your synthesizer of choice.

After you import them you will be able to to morph through the tables creating a truly unique sound. This will help you stand out from the crowd and get your music noticed

How wavetable synthesis works

Generally, when you use a synthesizer, you select an oscillator waveform which is just a single-cycle waveform. In wavetable synthesis, however, there are multiple different waveforms all laid out in a table, these individual layers can be scrolled / morphed through as you play your instrument. This gives your instrument a unique character as you morph through the many layers of your wavetable.

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