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SA76: 1176 Compressor

We have created what we think is the Ultimate 1176 Compressor recreation to date. Combining the classic analog sound of vintage hardware with modern day control and flexibility
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An Icon Reimagined

The original 1176 compressors are known for their fast attack, punchy sound, and ability to add density and sustain to a wide range of audio sources. SA-76 analog compressor not only captures these classic characteristics, but it's got a suite of modern features and controls to take your sound to the next level.

"If you’re looking for something to make both drums and or very plosive synth type instruments pop, look no further than SA76 - this thing is a weapon”


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"I never thought I needed one more 1176 plugin, but guess I did. This has replaced my go-to 1176 compressor plugin. Somehow it reacts more like the hardware I had back in the day."

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Learn more about our plugin in our How To Use SA76 video presented by our resident tutor Protoculture.

Nate will guide you, from start to finish, how to get the best sound out of the SA76 compressor.

You can then take the techniques learned and apply them to your own tracks.

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What are the benefits of our SA76 Analog Limiter?

Embrace the power of a true studio legend with our SA76 Analog Limiter. This plugin isn’t just another 1176 compressor emulation; it stands out as the best 1176 plugin by capturing the essence of the original hardware's soul. As one of the best analog compressor VSTs available, the SA76 offers the rich, warm tones of a classic analog compressor with the convenience of modern technology.

With the SA76, your quest for the best analog limiter ends, providing a 1176 style compressor that's both flexible and powerful. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a passionate enthusiast, this 1176 compressor plugin integrates seamlessly into any setup, delivering the top-notch best 1176 emulation your mixes deserve.

Who is the 1176 compressor plugin 'SA76' suitable for?

The SA76 is not just a 1176 plugin; it's an essential tool for those who crave the unmistakable character of an analog compressor with the ease of a VST. Whether you're a home studio aficionado or a professional mixing engineer, our 1176 compressor plugin offers the classic punch and warmth that can only come from a 1176 type compressor. Its versatility makes it a go-to for music producers who need a reliable analog limiter for everything from subtle vocal smoothing to adding grit to drums.

For those who integrate digital and analog domains, the SA76 stands out as an analog compressor VST that bridges the gap with authenticity. It's ideal for enthusiasts looking to recreate the magic of classic tracks, as well as for modern artists aiming to inject timeless analog quality into contemporary productions.

What is the 1176 style compressor 'SA76' for?

The 'SA76' shines as a beacon for those who respect the legacy of the 1176 compressor, delivering unparalleled control and signature sound to your digital audio workstation. This analog compressor is designed for those searching for the dynamic textures that have shaped countless records over the decades - at a truely affordable price.

It's for the producer who demands the robust power of an analog limiter within a convenient digital format. Use it whilst taming transients on a snappy snare or gluing together a mix, the 'SA76' offers the analog charm and aggressive response that the original 1176 compressor is celebrated for.

How does our analog compressor 'SA76' help in making music?

The SA76 gives your music an edge. This analog compressor packs a punch, making drums slam and vocals stand out. It’s like having an old-school 1176 compressor, but in a plugin that's way easier to use. Need to control the peaks in your track? The SA76's analog limiter has you covered, keeping everything smooth without squashing the life out of your music. Whether you're fixing a mix or going for a specific sound, the SA76 helps you get there without the fuss.

How does the 1176 plugin work

Here’s how it works: You feed your track into the plugin, and it uses its analog compressor circuitry to even out the dynamics, making quiet parts more audible and loud parts less overpowering. It’s like having a vigilant audio guard ensuring that everything stays in the right zone.

When used as an analog limiter, it prevents any part of your audio from peaking too high and distorting, which is crucial when you’re recording or mixing. By tweaking the attack and release settings, you can go from subtle, almost invisible compression to hard, color-rich limiting that makes your music feel alive and energetic. This 1176 compressor is a powerhouse that works behind the scenes to make your music sound professional and polished

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