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Dubstep Squad Sample Pack


Dubstep artists always come out with the most innovative and unique basses.

If you cannot add your own characteristics to your own Dubstep basses, you are not going to stick out and cut through the noise as a Dubstep music artist.

We are here to help you to step up your Dubstep game.

We have created powerful dubstep pack so that we can save your time in searching for the right sounds in your sample

Create your next beast Dubstep track now with these amazing sounds.

NOTE - Serum version 1.113 or higher required for these presets

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  • Big EDM - Dubstep Squad


    What you’ll get from this pack:

    50 Hard Hitting Drum Samples

    A good dubstep track will not stick out without amazing drums.

    60 Uniquely designed Serum patches

    We have ensured that our sound designing team delivers the most innovative dubstep patches with a lot of varieties.

    Reverse engineer these patches and learn to create your own Dubstep basses

    20 Drum & Top Loops

    Lacking inspiration during your music creation process?

    Drag and drop these loops into your song to see the wonders that they make to your song.


    50 x Hard Hitting Drum Samples
    60 x Uniquely designed Serum patches
    20 x Drum & Top Loops

    Big EDM - Dubstep Squad



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