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Melodic Deep VOODOO Sample Pack


Introducing Big EDM – Melodic Deep Voodoo, a pack that is jam packed full of crazy melodic sounds that will being an intense and deep feel to your tracks.

Crafted by the amazing Sound Design team at Big EDM, this pack has been carefully crafted to fit the needs of any producer seeking a deep and vibe filled sound.

Big EDM – Melodic Deep Voodoo come with some amazing recourses for producers everywhere to take advantage off. Packed with amazing Bass Loops that are crafted to either assist you in creating your own Bass Loops via inspiration or use the loops provided in your own mixes to give it that extra something.

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  • Melodic Deep Voodoo


    Bringing producers some intense and deep FX samples that bring an amazing ambience to your mix. This pack also includes some amazing and carefully designed Vocal Chop Loops to throw into your mix. However, the thing that makes this pack stand out is its Live Instrument Loops. These loops will add an acoustic sound to your track and bring a new vibe to the mix overall.

    But that’s not all, this pack also comes with Bonus Videos on how to create a Vintage Culture Bass in multiple synths like Serum and Sylenth1!

    Allow us to show you what all comes in this beauty, you won’t be disappointed!


    40 x Bass Loops
    100 x Drum Loops
    200 x Drum Samples (Claps & Snares, Cymbals, Kicks, Percussion)
    40 x FX
    40 x Live Instrument Loops (Brass, Strings, Flutes)
    50 x Melody Loops
    30 x Vocal Chop Loops
    40 x Serum Presets
    64 x Sylenth1 Presets
    05 x Bonus Construction Kits
    03 x Bonus Videos + Presets (Serum & Sylenth1)

    • 100% Royalty Free

    Melodic Deep Voodoo



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