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Serum Future Bass Essentials Preset Pack


Serum Future Bass Essentials is an amazing pack for all of you Future Bass fanatics out there.

Brilliantly crafted Presets by some of the worlds most creative and inspired Sound Designers will have you creating those dreamy, vibe-filled, body moving Future Bass tracks that we all know and love.

From Producers like San Holo, Marshmello and Slushii, Serum Future Bass Essentials will have you up in the charts in no time!

Future Bass is one of the most popular genres of EDM right now.

And for good reason.

Its catchy chord progression and melodic leads, Future Bass is a well-respected genre.

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  • Pumped Serum Future Bass Essentials


    Future Bass rose to prominence around 2006 in the United Kingdom, United States, Japan, China and Australia.

    It is a crazy broad genre, offering an amazing variety of dreamy sounds and melodies that are carefully crafted to be hypnotically inspiring.

    Being a “Feel Good” genre, Future Bass is designed to spark creativity and passion in its listeners.

    There is also an off-genre of Future Bass that people refer to as “Kawaii Future Bass”.

    A happy and cute variant of regular Future Bass, Kawaii Future Bass was pioneered by the Japanese music producer Snail’s House with his “Kiara” EP in mid-2015.

    This genre has several characteristics that part it from regular Future Bass such as; a faster tempo, a more colorful use of synthesizers, dramatic use of “Kawaii” samples like toy or bed squeaks, voices or animal sounds, use of mallets and or woodwinds, higher pitched vocal chops and occasionally the use of 8-but synths that resemble Chiptune.

    Getting your eager hands on this pack is a sure way to create some amazing tunes.

    Allowing you to let you inspiration run wild with some powerful chords, hypnotic leads, beefy basses and dreamy plucks, Serum Future Bass Essentials is a must for any Future Bass producer.


    62 x Of the most amazing and beautiful Future Bass Xfer Serum Presets on the market!

    Pumped Serum Future Bass Essentials



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