Kick 2 update

KICK 2 V1.05 Out Now

If you are a KICK 2 user you can grab the latest V1.05 from your account area right now.

Patch notes below:


  • Fixed bug with Keytracking / Portamento behaviour on Clicks
  • Fixed bug where KICK 2 would crash when manipulating the PITCH or LENGTH controls


  • Fixed bug with certain Windows PC’s on click cycle
  • Solo / Mute on a track no longer causes a click sound
  • Improved file support for custom clicks


  • Increased performance & addressed issue where GUI would occasionally freeze on some systems
  • Auto Fadeout (to avoid clicking) only applied when GATE is on
  • Fadeout changed to exponential curve instead of linear to reduce clicking
  • The Length and Pitch sliders no longer snap to cursor position
  • Meter graphical response has been smoothed
  • Included Kick 1 Preset Convertor for Windows and Mac

  • fixed: bug where changes to Limiter lookahead would be ignored

  • fixed: issue where the tail of the KICK would modulate in certain scenarios when using a very short KICK length
  • fixed: bug where plugin would crash on closing the plugin window after using the generate function in windows


  • new: Improved Bezier curve accuracy
    Improving the accuracy of the bezier curves may have a small audible effect to existing User presets and existing user projects.
    KICK 2 will automatically switch to the new improved algorithm - if you wish to revert to the legacy algorithm, there is an option in the settings window - This will revert the sound back to it's original state if required.

  • fixed: Clicking when using bezier curves in the AMP Envelope (see above note on improved curve accuracy)

  • fixed: missing presets list refresh when switching category
  • fixed: wrong octave index in render key display
  • fixed: inconsistent curve shape when zooming

  • fixed: normalised clicks not filling the waveform display

  • fixed: GUI movement on switching to DLC folders
  • fixed: Changing the limiter lookahead sometimes was not working
  • change: Render key input now accepts the note name / not the MIDI note number
  • change: Gate now uses an exponential curve to minimise digital clicks
  • change: Meters now have a smoother response


  • Fixed bug where waveform display attempted to update before waveform fully loaded
  • Reduced GATE fadeout time
  • Reduced Click and Sub fadeout time
  • Addressed issue where the limiter was causing a short sample delay over time
  • Mouse pointer readout now displays the ms time in LOG
  • Addressed Graphical Issues in Windows


  • Initial Release


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Posted October 21, 2016 16:04

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