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KICK 2 Presets - Nicky Romero Edition Preset Pack


Nicky Romero is back with another KICK preset pack for Sonic Academy - this time for KICK 2!

Grab yourself 55 EXCLUSIVE Presets from Nicky's own private stash. As well as 47 click files that can be used to add that Nicky Romero sound to your own Kicks.

This pack, contains the original 40 presets created from his KICK 1 preset pack, as well as a further 15 newly created ones.

Included in this Artist Preset Pack is also an exclusively designed skin created by the Protocol Team - Check it out below

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If you are an existing KICK 1 Owner who has upgraded to KICK 2 - Make sure you are logged in to your account to activate your upgrade discount on this pack

Please Note, this is not a standalone product - This preset pack requires the KICK 2 plugin

Purchase Options
  • Nicky Romero Edition (Presets Only)


    This pack contains both the legacy Nicky Romero KICK 1 presets and clicks, as well as the 15 new presets and clicks

    This pack requires a Full KICK 2 license


    40 x Legacy Nicky Romero KICK Presets
    32 x Legacy Clicks

    15 x New Nicky Romero KICK Presets
    15 x New Clicks

    1 x Exclusive Nicky Romero Skin

    Nicky Romero Edition (Presets Only)


  • KICK 2 Plugin + Nicky Romero Artist Edition Presets

    KICK 2 Plugin + Nicky Romero Artist Edition Presets


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    EDM House Progressive House
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    Synth Presets
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